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Anambra 2021 guber: 1000 UPP members decamp to PDP in Oyi

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha

Some 1000 members of United Progressive Party (UPP) led by Ifeanyi Chukwurah, decamped to the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, at Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Oyi local government area of Anambra state last weekend, ahead of the 2021 governorship election.

Shortly after picking his PDP membership card at his ward, Chukwurah thanked his supporters and followers numbering about 1000, who decamped with him and PDP members in Oyi that came to witness the event, stressing that he decided to join the PDP to salvage the poor masses.

Chukwurah receiving PDP flag during his formal admission into the party in Oyi

“PDP is the party with strong ideology, equity and fairness, it is the party through which the poor ruled Nigeria in the person of former President Goodluck Jonathan, and I believe that based on this fact, I, a poor-man, believe that from here, I will achieve my political ambition.

“I have the ambition that through this party, I will be able to alleviate the suffering of the poor masses. That’s why I am fully submitting myself as a full member of the party”, he added.

Afunwa, as he is fondly called, said that his experience in UPP would be of great asset in his new political career. 

“Experience is the best teacher; I have been with United Progressive Party, UPP, for long and became a member of Board of Trustees, (BOT), but observed that I will not rise to my expectations from that party and so, I denounced it and today, joined the ruling party, PDP, where we will make Anambra state great.”

He later tore the UPP flag, registered his name and was given both the PDP flag and card after which his followers joined suit.

Chief Emeka Agurue Odinigwe Mmadu, chairman of PDP in Oyi local government area, in his remark, promised that the party would not disappoint Chukwurah and his  followers, adding: “We encourage him because, he has wisdom. We are grateful he decamped at the appropriate time, when we needed people like him. When talking of people like him, I mean he has wisdom, muscle, followership and a lot of subordinates behind him, and as he has joins, his followers have joined him too. His entrance will not be a disappointment to the local government area.

“If PDP wins the gubernatorial election come 2021, he will be placed where he will be close to the masses, very close to the grassroots. When PDP was in power, every infrastructure was in order, unlike now that insecurity is the problem, people no longer go to farms to avoid being killed”.

Ossy Ilozue, a community leader, in his contribution, said that Chukwurah’s decision to join the party was a welcome development, stating that he would perform creditably. 

“He is going to do well when elected in whatever position, because, he is a man of the people and has people’s interest at heart.”.

Prof Uchenna Nwosu, the CEO of Apex Hospital System, stated: “l am not a politician, but I know Chukwurah as a good person since childhood. He is not far from the truth when he said I am his father. He is my son in whom I am well pleased. I advise him that whatever party he joins, he has to be himself. He has been acting on behalf of the people, not himself. I advised him to have the interest of the people at heart.”

On his part, Ifeanyi Okegbo, chairman of Afunwa Movement, said that “as he joined PDP, we are entering with him. He was formerly in UPP, we promise to follow and support him so that his political expectations will be achieved”.

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