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Most Christians die early due to immorality, fake lifestyle – Idemili priest

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha

The chief priest of Idemili deity, Sunday Ibekwe, has claimed that most Christians die early because they live a false lifestyle and commit a lot of immorality.

Ibekwe, fondly called ‘Ibobo Ogidi’ made the claims during the 2020 celebration of Idemili festival at Nkwelle-Ogidi, Idemili North local government area of Anambra state.

His words, “God hears the prayers of the traditionalist more than the Christian because, some Christians are liars, and that is why the Muslims call them the infidel, unbelievers.

“We pray to God through traditional means and the Christians pray through the western way. They copied the white. Before the arrival of the white missionaries, it was the traditional worship that was in place.

“In theory, they worship God; but in practice, they go contrary. If a traditionalist lies, he dies immediately, but a Christian, when he tells lies, God gives him a long time to repent and still, he will not.”

The gong beater on white garment

Going down the memory lane, he said he inherited the priesthood of the Idemili deity from his grandfather, adding that those who are not destined to be the priest die in an attempt to become the priest.

“The priesthood of this Idemili deity is not contestable. The priest must come from within the family circle destined to be in charge of the deity”.

Also speaking, the gong beater, who simply identified himself as ‘Ezigaruora’, expressed satisfaction with this year’s Idemili festival, stating that, “it is a period of harvest.” 

The chief priest takes charge of all that is happening today, masquerades, cabinet members, people from far and wide, all pay homage to him and receive blessing.”

in his speech, the legal adviser to the deity, Barrister Patrick Agbata, (a.k.a. Pay to payee) stated that “the deity protects us and assists us to achieve a lot of good things. It provides employment to the unemployed and cures the sick.

“Today, we are marking the yearly festival of the deity. You can see, the crowd is much, masquerades are everywhere and they pay homage to the chief priest, who blesses and gives them staff of office (ofor).”

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