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Man in court for ‘raping’ she-goat to death

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A 22-year-old man, Sunday Ogaji, who allegedly raped a she-goat, on Friday appeared in an Ado-Ekiti Magistrates’ Court.

The police charged Ogaji, whose address was not given with ”unnatural offence”. The prosecution counsel, Sgt.Olubu Apata, told the court that the defendant committed the offence on March 4 at about 2. 30 p.m at Basiri area in Ado-Ekiti.

He alleged that the defendant raped the shegoat and she died on the spot. Apata said the offence contravened the provisions of Section 214(2) of the Criminal Code, Laws of Ekiti State, 2012. The prosecutor asked the court for adjournment to enable him present his witnesses.

The defendant pleaded not guilty. His counsel, Mr Timi Omotosho, prayed the court to admit his client in the most liberal terms.Magistrate Kehinde Awosika admitted the defendant to bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum. She adjourned the case until March 31 for hearing. (NAN)

  1. Johnny Masoni says

    Obummer wants to send all these Trash to America. While he lives in the Hamptons with all the white peoples. So funny

  2. Janice says


  3. Anonymous says

    The biggest pieces of shits pieces of shit like that should get deported to Mexico for there punishing

  4. Sabrina says

    I usually dont waste my time commenting on such a barberic story (which are usually photo shopped to start with) I’m sure this type of disgusting behavior has been happening for a long time and is nothing new! Technology has reached ppl that had no access before and enables them to capture such images in the act n share them instantly! Education has taught many of the younger generatons of certain countries/places that such behavior ISN’T OK or ACCEPTABLE in modern society! Thank G!
    Ppl wonder how these strange virus start, like AIDS for instance?
    Its always amazed me that “humans” are the most advanced creature’s on this planet.
    Yet have caused the most devestation and destruction to this earth!
    Viruses, among many other things such as natural cotasrophies are forms of human “depopulation” believe it or not?
    For those who think I’m just a paranoid, judgemental, racist?
    It has absolutely nothing to do with any of those “stigma’s”. The patterns are right there! All you have to do is open your eyes n WAKE UP!

  5. Bigwill says

    He killed the goat so the goat could not identify him

  6. Kris says

    I dont know if this is a real picture,but the part where a guy said its fake,because his underwear is pulled up. Most mens underwear has a hole so dudes can use the bathroom. I have heard of guys w blue balls, but if they want to get off so bad that’s it hurts then he can take care of himself. If he is going to do this to an animal then who is next ???

  7. Amanda says

    I wish I had never read this article.

  8. Don says

    Damn he couldn’t have just rubbed one out wtf must’ve been following suit seen someone do that to some poor animal stoopid is stoopid does POOR goat and yeah maybe he should get what he gets May be the same I think in my opinion don’t care what any body thinks and thank God it wasn’t a child

  9. The one says

    Yes I agree the man needs dose of his own medicine. I say that they spray him down with female gorilla s ent and throw him in a pen with a horny gorilla. Then he will know the fear and the pain and that euphoric numb right before he dies.

  10. Excute says

    Blow his fucking head off sick fuck

  11. Excute says

    Blow his fucking head off

  12. Anonymous says

    May god help everyone in this sick ass fucked up world…

  13. Common Sense says

    Just saw this article on beastiality and read some of the comments, it’s more outrageous then article itself, people comparing and valuing animals life as much as humans life, gotta be a joke. I don’t agree with people rapping animals at all but people putting animal rape at the same priority as pedophilia and human rape, must be bad another bad joke… What this world has come to? People gotta get a grip on reality, this is sick? Yes but not for a death sentence come on say something valid. For the God believers He gave humans dominion over every animal life(.)

  14. Vivian Bonner says

    My Lord, what the hell is going on? A goat??????

  15. Anonymous says

    Asian girls on the internet licking dogs assholes should we kill her too?

  16. Humans(sad) what we've become says

    What’s the big deal??? YOU !!!!! YOU SICK FUCK!!! it’s obvious you have either engaged or have thoughts of performing such cruel, sick, and twisted act. For your info its everybody’s business!!!! The sexual, physical, mental, and torture abuse of children, the elderly and animals who in most cases cannot defend themselves is EVERYBODYS FUCKING BUSINESS. I guarantee that if your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, son, brother, (yeaup you’re beyond ignorant…… males get raped as well) AND YOURSELF ever get raped, trust me you will not have the mentality to be making comments like ” did it hurt or happen to anybody else”? ” mind your own business” “better that goat then any of your daughters”! you will be wishing and hoping that you’re incident will become someone’s business especially in the “justice systems business” And to all those other sick and mentally imbalanced perverts who obviously have no respect for themselves and have the extra time to be wondering, asking or assuming if the perpetrator was hung like an elephant to have caused the death of the she goat. This is the part where the comments should be ” WHO THE FUCK CARES whether he was hung like a horse, lion, tiger, mouse or an ant. The point is clearly made: 1. This sick motherfucker obviously cannot and has not been able to be in a relationship with a woman or even with someone his own gender, that rises red flags bells and whistles. 2. Having said that; IT DOES NOT GIVE HIM THE LIBERTY TO GRAB A POOR DEFENSELESS ANIMAL TO PERFORM AND RELEASE HIS RAGING DISGUSTING SEXUAL DESIRE ON ANY HUMAN OR ANIMAL! if anything he could of just used a broom stick, and had someone put in his a *&^. But I’m hoping he gets jail or prison at least for a few hours for him to experience or perhaps pick up where he left of.

  17. Anonymous says


  18. Wilma says

    What’s the big deal, did it hurt any of you assholes? No. So mind your own fucking business. Better that goat than one of you assholes daughters.

  19. Reader says

    I hope he gets raped so bad in jail. And lmfao on the first comment. Good question, wondering that myself. But judging from the photo, I don’t think he was hung enough to kill her lol.

  20. LMAO says

    Nobody explained why the goat died. Was this guy hung like an elephant and the goat died because he was too big? Or, did the goat die from shear embarrassment? He would have been wiser just to keep that Anaconda in his pants.

  21. Anonymous says

    Yes it is a very sad and sick act but instead of condemning the man to hell for it y’all should pray for him instead

  22. Mike hackerts says

    Here is your coronavirus origin. How did it cross the human – animal border u ask? By nature punishing you for this.

  23. Anonymous says

    Is this some kind of Joke ???
    What kind new virus he can creat ?
    Super mental !!!

  24. Have Mercy Lord says

    Take it down now in Jesus Name!! The person that committed this act, the person that recorded this garbage, and the person that posted this mess obviously don’t know Jesus! They need to repent before it is too late! Nobody cannot stand the wrath of our Heavenly Father! Repent! Repent!

  25. Anonymous says

    Video at 11

  26. Anonymous says

    One Sick Person, No Raising

  27. Anonymous says

    That’s Farmington for you lol

  28. Anonymous says

    One suck individual! Maybe he should be raped to death.

  29. Kelly says

    What a sick fuck. This is so saddening especially to hear that the goat died instantly.

  30. Dawn says

    This is utterly the sickest of the sickest things ever!!! What a low life freak of nature!!!!

  31. Anonymous says

    Casterate him.

  32. Anonymous says

    Look at that goat though,
    that goat was totally asking for it

  33. Anonymous says

    Look at that goat though,
    that goat was totally asking for it

  34. Anonymous says

    One sick o my god come on he needs to die someone needs to tie him up and bet the hell out of him.

  35. Anonymous says

    They need to tie him up and take a hypodermic needle full of mirotic acid and injected + 2 ish penis and take it up and let it Rot off from inside out

  36. Kay says

    Only Satan could make someone do something this evil. May he rot in hell for eternity.

  37. Stephanie says

    WTF?!?! TAKE DOWN THAT PICTURE!!!! Nobody needs to see that!!! And who stood there and filmed it?!?! That poor goat. I hope he gets what he deserves!

  38. Kiss says

    Hot cock fool animal lover thank God it wasn’t a child.

  39. Mo says

    P.o.s.nigerians yep!!!.

  40. Anonymous says

    Bah bah black sheep have you any wool..
    Yes sir yes sir a small pecker full.

    You bunch of hodgie idiots…

  41. liz flibbert says

    He should have the same done to him by a horse!!!

  42. Anonymous says

    You are a sick evil piece of crap. I hope your penis rots off.

  43. ܓܡܣ ܡܕܘ says

    We all know that life is given and taken by GOD.
    I suggest he should be locked up for ever. Meanwhile he should learn about GOD and should be given a chance to repent. At the end we are all sinners, some of us are more than others.
    Still lock him up for ever.

  44. Rob says

    Somebody put that bastard down
    Doing shit like that he doesn’t deserve to live anymore

  45. Anonymous says

    Sick bastard…and yes, I agree, he’ll do it again, and it may well be an innocent child the next time..He should be tied to a post, in a barn..give him a butter knife, and set the barn on fire!..give him a choice, ” allow him to remove his penis and testcles with the butter knife..or burn alive, and if he survives, he should be held while raped by a horse..or thrown the the most violent rapists on lock down, to finish him off…He should receive the same consideration, the innocent she goat, was afforded…NONE! LET’S NOT FEED AND PROTECT HIM UNTIL HE DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES!

  46. Keith says

    “I tried to stop myself ,but I’ve got it ba-ha-ha-ad”!

  47. Doc says

    Go on pornhub and see whos really doing that. Tell the truth !!

  48. Doc says

    Tell the truth. Who’s really doing that !! Media!!

  49. Peaches says

    That nasty son of a bitch should be laid out and let other animals such as horse rhino and others take their turn with him.

  50. Willie Boatwright says


  51. Shelleejae says

    How the heck could they post a picture of this heinous act???!!! Ugh wtf that’s messed up man omg.

  52. Anonymous says

    Lock the sick effer up! He should have the same done to him. I find it difficult to pray for someone who inflicts that kind of pain on defenseless animals.

  53. Rhonda Speck says

    Well I think that sorry piece of shit should be took out in the swamp and put him down on his knees and let alligators and crocodiles do the rest

  54. Anonymous says

    What in the hell is wrong with some people mean really give the chair

  55. Anonymous says

    I agree, lock him up for life with others like him, after wacking his wacker off! I cant believe there is a CV picture of this A Hole and the poor goat!

  56. Anonymous says

    I agree, lock him up for life with others like him, after wacking his wacker off!

  57. Rebecca Penland says

    One sick bastard!!!! Throw the book at him!!!!! Animal raper/killer!!!!!!! He should be put in an insane assylum!!!!!!! Nigerian or african-send him back!!!!!! I don’t have a web site!!!!!!

  58. AJayjay says

    The End Times are upon us. As in the Days of Noah—the perversions appear

  59. Piss off says


  60. S says

    How Ironinc this article runs as we battle the Coronavirus. This is one way diseases are passed from animal to humans. Disgusting and inexcusable LLP

  61. Anonymous says

    Stop defending deviants every time they commit lewd and heinous acts against others including animals. Sick bastard. Put him in a cell with others like him but get his nasty ass off the streets! Better yet, castrate the pig and shove it down his throat.

  62. Crisa M. says

    Jesus Christ is coming soon .I pray for this man and everyone to repent and return to God.

  63. Anonymous says

    Yes, castrate him!
    Cook the goat and make him eat it and his waste!!!

  64. Floyd Johnson says

    Most, if not ALL of the people that have read this article, instantly realize that there’s something drastically wrong with this young man! I would say that most men when they’re going through their puberty years through young adulthood have more testosterone than at any other time in our lives! I’ve heard of young caucasian men talking about how bad their balls(testicles) were hurting and they sometimes turned blue with lots of pain! I don’t know what drove this young man to kill this innocent goat in SUCH a horrible manner! What I can say is I think that you need to have a Certified professional medical person to have a period of time with him for 1 hour each week for 6 months, the first time and then bring before a group of different profession persons, who will ask him different questions pertaining to living a life! Next, this group will come together in a very quiet place and grade his overall performance! They want to know whether or not this young man has gained enough knowledge from his sessions with the medical person! I will stop right here! We must also remember to be careful with this plague killing so many people!!!!!

  65. Mis says

    I hate to see stories like this. These pieces of crap do not deserve to be looked at, fed, or even spat on. He needs to be killed right on the spot. This is so nasty and anything that can do this is not human it is demonized, and needs to be killed and sent back to the walls of hell where it belongs. Just my opinion.

  66. Clelia says

    That sick mother f**ker needs to be raped to death as well. Maybe he will then understand what he put that innocent animal through. We live in a vile, sick world. There is so much evil that we can not even fathom.

  67. Clelia says

    That sick mother f**ker needs to be raped to death as well. Maybe he will then understand what he put that innocent animal through. We live in a vile, sick world. There is so much evil that we can not even fathom.

  68. No name says

    This baster should have have a dick cut off and supper guled to butt
    to where he can’t pee or shit. What the hell is this guy thinking about.
    Dam sure nothing for himself that’s for dam sure

  69. Tellius browm says

    Poor goat….

  70. Anonymous says

    They should hang him from the balls and penis from the highest tree he’s a f****** animal

  71. V. says

    He is evil, I’m sure he could pay for a woman. Instead he chooses to hurt an innocent animal. He needs to be raped back.

  72. Melody Roades says

    This is disgusting and disturbing. I feel this picture should be taken off. The story itself is disturbing enough this picture just popped up on my screen. I should not have had to see this as I cannot unsee it. I’m supposed to get local news only. This man needs to be raped to death how about that for justice.

  73. Anonymous says

    Everyday we disappoint God
    This is just evil
    It’s disgusting and inhumane ..
    This man needs so much help
    And after that he needs to be punished
    And Never allowed to be near any animal



  75. Bruce says

    If the guy is all the things ya called him; then how much more should this Inbred Cave Beast receive. This is a Devil, but Whypipo will jus-ti-lie his actions as he’s sick and needs help. Just the way the confessed Pussy Grapper in the Whyte house
    Arkansas father who killed son by raping him with stick gets attacked by stepson in court, granted mistrial
    meaww.com – 2020.3.6

    BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS: A father, convicted of murdering

  76. Anonymous says

    They should get a horse to f*ck him. He wont live thru that

  77. Real and watch these vicious attacks on the man of color. This is a fake photo. NOTICE! The man's underwear is up. says

    U must b observant.

  78. GS says

    Nasty piece of shit

  79. Patrick Jackson says

    That’s exactly what the slave owners were doing,raping women and men slaves and even animals.

  80. Connie says

    What is this world coming to? This disgusts me! That anyone could sink so low.

  81. Anonymous says

    He loved that old goat

  82. Anonymous says

    This is so very disgusting. Hard to look at & imagine this poor animal suffered. This so called man is nothing short of pure evil to do this to a poor helpless animal who could not defend itself. This man should be put to death because he will do it again. Next time it might be to a child.

  83. Anonymous says

    wyd is god dam wrong with him ..dont waste money dont waste time thats f ick an he needs to f die right now …

  84. Anonymous says

    Sick !

  85. Mike Persaud says

    Hope he gets raped in jail, dirtbag asshole!

  86. Anonymous says

    Omg!!! What in the hell is he thinking? Maybe he should be by a male goat!!! No sense in this at all!!! SICK SICK SICK

  87. Celeste F Smith says

    Hornie as a goat! Damn

  88. Anonymous says


  89. Anonymous says

    Nasty Bitch!!!

  90. Bella says

    i know the best punishment…Rape that nasty asshole til he dies…he is a waste of oxygen…to rape a poor innocent goat…and she dies?? That thing( hes not human) took a life…now he shud give his in return…thats the only justice here. Ill be glad to throw the switch!!

  91. Johnny Wad says

    Execute this piece of shit… plain and simple..

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