Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Below are more tips to navigate your 20’s and help reduce the stress of being a young adult in today’s world:

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1. God
This is most important of all. Having a relationship with God.
This does not mean you have it all figured out yet but it’s a good start.
2. Go off social media.
Perhaps not completely. But you could try one month, then 2. Just to see just how much you don’t have to rely on it and see how well your thought process fares without it.
3. Do You
Take yourself out, once a week or once a month. Go to places that interest you. Try out new things. This helps build courage and self-esteem and self-awareness. Have conversations with yourself in the mirror. Take care of yourself, buy yourself nice things. Be your own anonymous. Do the things that make you happy.
4. Good Company, Good Conversations
Frankly, at this stage, you really need to start having intellectual conversations. You need to brainstorm. Your conversation and what you allow your brain to process matters.
5. Finance
Improve your savings culture. If you do not have one, now is a good time to start. A certain percentage from your earnings every month is a good place to start. Make investments, and if you can, partner up.
6. Relationship
Be very intentional here. Do not commit because it’s the right thing that comes with ageing. Be intentional about being single and own it. Be intentional about who you want, why you want them, what you want and what you do not want, when you are sure of all these, be firm(not rigid) and stand by it.
7. Fun
Have lots of it. Create memories. Travel.
8. Career Growth
It’s okay to change jobs. Maybe with better pay or perhaps just one with a better opportunity for growth in your given field. Now is the time to make that decision.
9. Friends
They might vary in ages but you need to know just what each stands for. You will learn how to tolerate and evict what you can’t tolerate.
10. Time
You do have time but not so much that you should waste it because lets be real no one is too young to die. So as much as you are young and may have time on your side, be wise, use it judiciously and make every second of it count.
Cheers!!! And may we have the wisdom to make our 20’s and 3o’s count for something.

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  1. Micah Essien says

    why will you write word for word what someone else took the time out to write?

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