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Tips For Women Dealing With Men With Commitment Issues – How to Get Him Serious About You

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Men with commitment issues bring their own special challenges to the relationship arena. Any woman who has ever dated a man like this knows that it’s not an easy journey. If you love him, it’s that much more difficult. Trying to get a man to enter into a more serious relationship when he’s dead set against it feels virtually impossible. There are some tips that can help women facing this. If your guy has told you that marriage just isn’t in his future, don’t give up on him just yet.

Arguably the worst thing women can do when they are involved with men with commitment issues is to belabor the point of a more serious connection. Just as a small boy will fight you tooth and nail when you tell him that you want something he doesn’t, a grown man will do much the same thing. The more you pressure your boyfriend for an engagement ring, the more he won’t want to buy you one. Men like this need to be handled in a very specific way and it starts with dropping all talk of marriage, or anything more serious than dating.

Another very effective tip for women dealing with men with commitment issues is in addition to changing your attitude about marriage, change your availability as well. If you are constantly available whenever your man wants to see you, you are sending him a silent message that suggests that he has you all to himself. He doesn’t have to try anymore because he feels that you are his regardless of a serious commitment. Get busy doing different things including spending more time out with friends. A great way to jolt a man into realizing how much you mean to him is to take a short vacation with some girlfriends without him. Don’t give him much warning at all. Just tell him that you’ll be gone for a few days and you’ll get in touch with him when you get back. This one move can completely shift the dynamic of the relationship and make him fear he’s losing you.


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