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Relationship Break Up Advice – 4 Tips to Getting Your Ex Back

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Most of us know the the pain and rejection felt when someone no longer wants to be with you any longer. At the same time, very few people actually know the right methods for reversing a breakup, and getting an ex boyfriend or girlfriend back. Reconciliation is a very learnable skill, if only you’re willing to be patient and open-minded about getting back together with someone.

Initial Acceptance Speeds Up The Process of Getting Back Together

Of all the things you can do after getting dumped, fighting the idea of the breakup is the least constructive. First of all you’re fighting a losing battle, as your boyfriend or girlfriend has already made up their mind to leave you. More importantly however, the harder you fight to keep your romance going, the more desperate and needy you become… in the eyes of your ex, anyway. This hurts your chances of getting them back later on.

Accepting the break up is the best piece of relationship break up advice you can get. The sooner you can come to terms the fact that your relationship has ended, the faster you get started on the path to building a new relationship with your ex.

Make Yourself Scarce After The Break Up

Just because your ex dumped you doesn’t mean they’ve cut all ties. In most cases, your boyfriend or girlfriend will continue to monitor you in the days and weeks after the breakup. They’re doing this to see how you react, and believe it or not they want to see you sad and upset. This lets them know they were definitely loved, which is pretty much what everyone wants from a relationship.

Disappearing after the breakup is a great way of making your ex curious about you again. By closing the door and breaking contact, your ex never gets to reconcile the breakup by seeing or hearing from you. They have to wonder whether or not you’re mourning the relationship, and not knowing what you’re up to will shake their confidence. Also, by not being around your ex all the time? He or she will start to miss you… a crucial phase in the reconciliation process.

Recreate Yourself In Your Own Image

Remember when you first started dating your ex? Try to imagine the person you were back then. Physically, you may have been different. Personality wise, you may have had more confidence, or charisma, or even more energy. The person you were might be different than the person you are now, and that could account for one of the reasons your boyfriend or girlfriend ended things between you.

By recreating the same person your ex fell in love with, you can get them to fall back in love with you all over again. Take this free time to focus on improving yourself in every way: mentally, physically, and even emotionally. Envision seeing your ex again for the first time after the break, and try to imagine how you want the situation to go down. Now picture yourself in that situation and strive to become that guy or girl again. Sparks once flew when you and your ex first hooked up… you can easily make those sparks happen again, if you’re willing to work on self-improvement.

Instead of Chasing Your Ex, Get Your Ex To Chase You

When your ex first breaks things off, it’s not uncommon to still chase after them. There will be things you want to say and do, and you’ll feel the overwhelming need to be around your ex again. Fight this off, and make sure you avoid any of the above mistakes. Contacting your ex post-breakup will always hurt your chances of getting your ex back.

The best break up advice, relationship-wise, is to get your ex to have a need for you in his or her life again. Once they miss and want you back, reversing your breakup becomes simple. To do this, you first have to remove yourself completely… even when your ex tries to contact or communicate, you need to blow them off. When you can create a void in their life where you used to be, your ex will immediately turn his or her attention back where you want it to be: focused upon you.

Don’t approach your break up without a plan, thinking you can just wing it. The success or failure of getting back together with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend depends upon what you do right now, not later.


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