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Other Sites Like Craigslist Personals – The Best Alternatives to Hook Up

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You want other sites like craigslist personals. This is understandable. Most of us are sick and tired of the con artists who use online classified sites. When you make a personals ad, this is what should happen: people read your ad, they contact you, you reply to them. What actually happens to most people who use online classifieds: you post an ad, lots of people reply, these people try to make you pay to see them on webcam or pay to see their profile on a dating site. Sound familiar? If not, you are extremely lucky! Thankfully, I can tell you there is a better alternative to online classifieds.

More and more people are leaving online classifieds in favor of free internet dating communities. These communities have several advantages over personals on classified sites. You can view photo albums and videos. You can instant message and email other members. You can chat to members on webcam or watch them as “they” chat on webcam. And, best of all, these sites are “heavily regulated” to avoid con artists making fake profiles and trying to sell you something. They take these matters seriously because they know how badly it can ruin our dating experience. These communities use clever software that sniffs out fake profiles and, therefore, prevents internet marketers from pestering you. This is great news because it means everyone who contacts us (10 people or 1000 people) are all real and are actually interested in hooking up with us. So, join millions of other people, make a profile, upload a photo of yourself, and start communicating with “real people”.


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