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How to Get a Sagittarius Man Back – Tips to Make Him Want You Again

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You want to know how to get a Sagittarius man back. You were in a relationship with a man born under this sign and things fell apart. Now you miss him like mad and can’t imagine even one more day without him. You know that there has to be a way to win back his love, you just aren’t sure what that is. Fortunately, with the right advice you can reconnect with your Sagittarius and start the process of rebuilding the lost bond you had with him.

As you’ve recently discovered the Sagittarius man can view love as fleeting. If something within him changes, he can fall out of love very quickly. That’s difficult for most women to understand given the fact that we don’t fall in love on a whim and want it to last when we do experience it. If you want to get a Sagittarius man back you do have to understand that his feelings can change and have changed. Arguing with him over that fact won’t help you secure his love again. In fact, it will push him even farther away.

Acceptance is paramount if you want to get your Sagittarius man to love you again. Accept that he no longer feels as close to you as he once did. Don’t allow him to see how much the break up is affecting you. Instead, stay strong and happy. If he sees a smile on your face post break up, it will gnaw at him. He wants to still feel important to you and if he senses that you’re relieved that the relationship is over, he’ll feel a bit of a sting from that rejection.

You also have to show him that you can learn and grow from all of your experiences. One reason men like this end relationships is they realize they’ve learned everything they can about their girlfriend and things feel stuck or uninteresting.

Become dynamic again. Take on a new adventure without him. It may be something as simple as pursuing a new career or spending some time volunteering. The key is to grow as a woman and find fulfillment in other areas of your life. He’ll notice this and it will charm him all over again.

Just as playing hard to get worked when you initially won the heart of your Sagittarius, you need to use that approach again now. Engage yourself in your life so fully that you just don’t have time for him anymore. Knowing that you’re no longer his will make you feel unattainable to him. Once a Sagittarius man feels that he’ll set out to prove that he can capture your heart all over again.


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