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Guy Code for I’m Ready for a Relationship

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The Guy code is an unwritten law that all humans who are of the male gender must follow. Over the years, according to a lot of men the code has guided them and has proved to be valuable. For a woman to successfully be able to understand a man, there are some vital secrets that are part of the guy code that define all men. A guy is complicated and if a woman does not effectively know how to communicate with him, then all roads towards romance and love will be closed.

A woman should know that guys do not like to be rushed. They love to take their time before the finally decide to make any big decisions such as committing to a relationship. A woman should be patient till the person she likes or is in love with, shows all the right signs. The guy code for I’m ready for a relationship is not as direct as many women want it to be. It happens in a series of steps and depends on the guy.

Before a guy decides to accept agreeing to a commitment, there are processes that both parties have to go through. If the guy is still around after all of them, then the guy is ready for a relationship. The first stage is the courtship stage. This basically involves getting to know each other. This is where all the roles between a man and a woman are decided. A woman should understand the man, and take up a role that will complement that which the guy is going to take. If the lady makes the right choice, it will set up a basis for a future relationship.

The second stage is the uncommitted relationship. This is the stage that all men take seriously. It is the most crucial stage that will determine if it was just a fling or if things may actually get serious. This will highly be determined by how well a lady will handle the situation. It applies to both the minor and major situations.

The third and last stage is the committed relationship. If a woman successfully passes or handles herself well through the two stages then this is where everything will be made official. A woman should be keen enough to notice the transition through the stages, but one thing a woman must not do is to rush the process.


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