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Dating Through the Ages

Dating has definitely evolved over time. There was an era when parents found matches for their children. This had a basic limitation that the child could only get a match that was approved by the parents. Then came a time where people met their matches through advertisements in newspapers. There was also the option of finding a match in a person’s social or professional circle. All these methods limited the choices available.

Then people became a little bold and approached strangers they met at maybe shopping malls, clubs, bars etc. But in all these methods, the individuals needed to establish a contact and meet a few times before understanding each other’s personalities. Many a time, an association had to end in a break-up due to mismatch of personalities.

Therefore, people who were on a lookout for long-term relationships wanted a more reliable way of going about the process of dating. With the internet making an entry in the field of dating, people’s problems associated with finding suitable dates have been addressed to a large extent.

People now have multiple options available to them because of the advancement in technology. The internet has helped people who are located far apart establish communication with each other. This has given rise to numerous dating websites. These have become very popular among people of all age groups. Today, dating websites are available for any kind of dating, casual, short-term dating or long-term dating or marriage.

Long -Term Dating Online:

There are sites which specifically cater to the needs of people looking for a long-term relationship. These are sites which try to analyse the personalities of the people seeking dates and match them. These sites believe that matching certain personality traits in individuals improves the chances of compatibility. They give detailed questionnaires to their clients asking them about their preferences, habits, beliefs, etc. They even try to find out what the person is looking for in his partner. Based on this analysis, a list of prospective dates is sent to the individual. He can select a suitable date. Once the individual selects a date, he/she has the option of online chatting, etc which helps him/ her understand the date better before actually meeting him/her. Based on the information he has and the communication he/she has had, they have the option of going ahead.

The benefits of this type of dating are:

The individuals already have enough information about each other.

They are aware of each other’s preferences.

They have seen each other’s photographs and can go ahead only after they approve of each other’s looks.

After so much preparation it is highly likely that the two will strike a rapport.

Once such a strong foundation is laid, building a long-term relationship is not very difficult.


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