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Ex Girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend – Tips to Get Her Back

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If you’re still crazy about your girlfriend, even after the break up, it’s hard when you realize she’s moved on and is dating someone new. Seeing her with a new guy is never easy and it may make you feel as though any chance the two of you had of getting back together is now officially gone. That actually depends on several factors and you may be surprised by how much influence you likely still have over her. If your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend and you want her back, you need to carefully plan everything you say and do.

Your heart is going to tell you to call her up and give her a laundry list of things that are wrong with her new beau. There’s a reasonably good chance that if you start doing this, she’ll end the call or if you did it through email, she’ll delete it. Pointing out everything you think is wrong with her new boyfriend will make you look childish and jealous. She’s also likely expecting this reaction from you. Instead, a much more effective approach is to wish her well and drop the subject.

Remaining friends after a break up is common, particularly in cases where the man and woman were very close. If you and your ex are still friendly don’t be surprised if she calls you up from time-to-time to talk about her life. Inevitably the new boyfriend will come up in the conversation. Again, politely listening and then offering some generic advice is the safest bet. If your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend and wants to talk about him with you this is actually a good sign. It shows she trusts you. Don’t break that trust by going to him and telling him what her complaints are.

You don’t want to constantly be at her beck and call though. If you put yourself into that position she’ll never have a chance to miss you. It’s a great idea to pick and choose when you want to be available. If she asks you out for a coffee to catch up, don’t go each and every time. Instead politely tell her that you’ve already got other plans and don’t expand on that. It will leave her wondering what you’re up to and it also suggests that she’s not the most important thing to you anymore. When she senses that, she’ll remember what it felt like to be the focal point of your life. You want her to feel that as it’s the first step to getting her back.

If your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend it’s not the end of the world. Many women start dating soon after a break up and that relationship tends to be short lived. Your reaction to her new boyfriend shouldn’t be what she expects at all. Be cordial and polite about it, and ensure you’re not always within arm’s reach. These steps alone will help smooth the path for you to get her back.


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