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Pyrates warn youths against drug abuse, substance addiction

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Lawrence Nwimo, Awka.

The National Association of Seadogs, popularly called pyrates Confraternity, has urged youths to dissociate from drug abuse and addiction to harmful substances for a greater and better future.

The pyrates said millions of talents are wasted in the society due to the constant intake of narcotics and other harmful substances, urging youths to abstain from the practice to avoid losing their careers and destiny.

They gave the warning at the annual Feast of Barracuda (FoB), a popular festival of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS), Pyrates Confraternity, and Hunduras Deck.

The event took place in Awka, the Anambra State capital on Saturday with the theme: “Youths and the Menace of Substance Abuse.”

Speaking at the event, NDLEA Anambra State Public Affairs Officer, Christopher Adabo, said the heavy intake of stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine results in decreased appetite, faster breathing and other dangerous diseases that can lead to insanity and loss of focus in life.

Adabo who represented the State NDLEA Commander, Mrs. Florence Ezeonye noted that individuals who indulge in harmful drugs, risk contracting infectious diseases such as HIV, extreme weight loss, severe dental problems, and intense itching leading to skin sores, among many others.

“The implication of illicit drugs on the society is a wasted youth. a wasted youth is a wasted nation, A wasted nation leads to a destroyed workforce and dashed destinies.

“Drug abuse is an enemy of success and a bright future; it kills both the body and the mind. It drains one’s income and leads to so many embarrassments; many have sold all their valued properties, engaged in many illicit acts and betrayed the trust vested in them to satisfy their drug cravings. Drugs remove humans in person and turn them into beasts.”

Adabo noted that the agency has busted hideouts of drug merchants in the state and decried the poor provision of rehabilitation facilities and centres to help rehabilitate victims of the hard drugs in the state.

He also maintained that the agency had embarked on grassroots sensitisations to schools to discourage school children from taking part in drug abuse. He also urged parents, churches, and community leaders to join the fight against the global danger facing the youths.

Earlier, the NAS Anambra State President, Nonso Oguejiofor, said the Feast of Barracuda is an annual event celebrated across the flagship of the PC and it gives the opportunity to interact and feast with families and non-members at a public gathering and educate people about some pressing national issues.

He said the body chose the theme of the event due to the increasing rate of consumption of hard drugs among youths in the society.

“We are here to say no to drug abuse. It is a menace to humanity.

“We are here to put our heads together, discuss some of these things and put it in our subconsciousness to speak to the addicts that the practice of drug abuse is wrong,” he said.

Members of the confraternity who spoke at the event condemned the prevalence of hard drugs and assured to take the message to the grassroots.

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