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Career Change – 5 Reasons For The Immediate "Thank You Note" To Get The New Job!

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I have a new friend who had been out of work and looking for a job for several months. She is middle-aged, very sharp, and has great experience in the sales profession.

When I would talk to her, she would tell me that her job hunting experience is very challenging because it is flooded with realtors trying to find new jobs, due to the Real Estate Market taking a down turn.

I kept assuring her that there is still the perfect job opportunity that is out there, just waiting for her and “only her” to show up for it! She is a positive person, so she agreed. Although, I could tell she still was feeling a little desperate, because she needed money to start coming in.

While we were talking, in that same conversation, she put me on hold to answer a call that was from a company she had sent her resume to for a job application. After she came back on the line, she told me she had an interview for the next day.

She went on that interview and I called her the day after the interview to see how it went. She said she had felt pretty good about everything that happened during the interview process.

I asked her if she normally sends “Thank You Notes” immediately after the interview (within 2 days) and she said, she sometimes sends them, but not immediately after. Well, I told her that is the #1 most important thing to do to get the job. So, she listened to me.

The next day she called me and told me she got the job. It is a great job with awesome benefits. The company even gives their employees Pet Medical Insurance. I was thrilled for her. This job came to her within 3 days!

So, do you think she would have gotten the job so quickly had she not sent that thank you note? I am here to tell you that I know it made a huge difference. If the choice were between her and 1 or 2 other people, and if the others did not send thank you notes, I am certain the thank you note made the difference. Very few people realize the magic of the “immediate” thank you note!

I always sent a thank you note the next day for any job I ever wanted. I always was the #1 candidate and I always got the job offer. I found these details out later from my managers. They all told me they were very impressed with my “writing abilities” and the way I expressed myself in my thank you note.

5 important reasons for an immediate thank you note after an interview:

  1. To demonstrate gratitude for the interviewer(s) taking the time to meet with you
  2. To demonstrate why you are a good fit for the position they need to fill and for their organization
  3. To re-iterate some of your great talents, skills and abilities to do that particular job
  4. To demonstrate that you have manners and etiquette, that most people do not have this day and age. (This one point alone, will make you stand out more than any other reason!)
  5. To demonstrate that you know how to ‘follow up’, which is an important skill to have

So, are you writing thank you notes after an interview for your career change? If you really want the job, and if you really want to stand out from the other applicants, you need to shift your ways and heed my words!

I suggest you start writing thank you notes, immediately after your interview. Make sure you get the address of the company when you are there and maybe even the e-mail of the interviewer(s). If there is more than 1 person interviewing you, you need to send a personal thank you for each interviewer. It does not matter how long and drawn out the interview process can be, the thank you note, is an absolute necessity to create shift in your career for that job offer!


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