Killer disease worse than Covid-19 pandemic is coming, prophet warns

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha

Prophet Nkachukwu Jason Nweke of the Christ Healing Ministry, Aniocha Akpugoeze, Oji River Local Government of Enugu State, has warned Nigerians to embrace God to avert an impending doom; stating that calamity worse than Coronavirus was underway.

Prophet Nweke told newsmen in his Fegge, Onitsha branch on Wednesday that the world, especially Nigerians, were facing the dreaded virus because, they turned their back against God, stressing that the worst calamity was underway.

“The worst is coming, thunder is coming. Time shall come when people will be slumping like cows. Now, you are just saying the temperature is too high. If you knew the right thing, do it for peace to reign. Whatever vocation you may find yourself that has enriched you, it is not by your might; but by the special grace of God, and as such, don’t see yourself as powerful.”

According to him, “God is angry with the world because of disobedience to Him. These diseases are not happening for nothing, Ebola, lassa fever, HIV, among others, are still here with us, but people should have a rethink and come back to God for all these problems to disappear. Just like in the days of Pharoah, he started seeing blood when he went contrary to the wish of God. All first sons were killed.

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“What is happening in the world today is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. It is just because of few people that God still listens to, and if not, He would have destroyed this sinful world. How can China that brought this disease with its riches, ask Nigeria for loan. It is a ploy to destroy Nigeria economy and resources. It is to damage our economy and put us in confusion.”

He, however, hinted that the cure for the raging Coronavirus is a specie of the red palm oil called ‘Akwu-Ojukwu’

“When I was being told in spirit about this Coronavirus and solution, I was made to understand that the solution is a specie of the red palm oil, ‘Akwu Ojukwu.”

On how to administer the concoction, the clergyman explained: “If the Coronavirus is the type associated with vomiting and dysentery, the cure is simple, just take one bottle of cold legend beer for adults and half bottle for children and within 12 hours, the problem will be over; but I was told the present disease is contaminated through the air and as such, the solution is use of the said specie of the red palm oil.

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“If one is already a carrier of Coronavirus, the akwu-ojukwu palm oil should be mixed with a particular drug I will not mention here now, for effective healing. It should be robbed in your hands, legs, nose and all over the body. That is what I was told in spirit and I believe it. The red oil will be taken two spoonful morning and evening to prevent the bacteria and for the carriers, they should rob it for one week.”

Asked how he came about his ministry, he said it was a divine call; adding that when he started having the sign, all his businesses were deteriorating.

“My attempt to build my house was frustrated and my businesses were collapsing like pack of cards, until in my dream, God asked me to go and build His own house (Church) first.”

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