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Dentist says warm water with salt good for infant teeth

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Dr Chika Onoja, a dentist, says using warm water and salt to clean the gums of infant before the teeth emerges will give healthy teeth.
Onoja told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja that a good dental care starts from birth.
She says that fluoride is found naturally in water and it plays an important role in healthy tooth development.
She said that bacteria in the mouth could not harm the gums of infants before the teeth emerge, however, cleaning the gums with warm water and salt would help in developing healthy teeth.
“Before your baby’s first teeth appear you can be using warm salt water to be cleaning the gums of the baby.
“Once the teeth begin to appear, you should keep using the salt in warm water with cotton to clean it at least twice a week.
“Some babies’ teeth begin to emerge at about three to four months of age, a soft bristle toothbrush could be introduced after 12 months of age when more teeth appear.
“Mothers could use a baby toothbrush, with soft small head which will allow you to reach all parts of your baby’s mouth easily,’’ the expert.
Onoja said small quantities of tooth paste could be added as small quantity if swallowed by children does no harm, however added that they should be taught to spit out after brushing as they grow up.
She noted that it was important to brush inside and outside of the baby’s teeth and tongue to remove bacteria that could cause bad breath.
She added that vigorous brushing should be avoided due to the tenderness of the gum.
The dentist further advised that not only children, but the entire family members should change their toothbrush after three months of use. (NAN)

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