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Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 - the movie, ride along, ride, movie, ice

Sequel to , Along 1which still featured Cube (Jamespayton), an ace detective and his goofy brother-in-law, played by Kevin Hart (Ben Barber) who is eager to be a detective and get some real police action even though he lacks the adequate training and experience for it.

Though Ben is not experienced, James reluctantly takes him to Miami after intense persuasion from his sister Angela who is Ben’s fiancée to follow up on a lead that’s connected to a drug ring.

The case brings them to a homicide detective and a computer hacker who reveals evidence that implicates a respected businessman. It is now up to James and rookie police officer, Ben to prove that the charismatic Antonio Pope who makes numerous charity donations to the city and the police force, is a violent crime lord who rules the southern Florida drug trade.

In the midst of all the mayhem in Maimi, Ben is finally getting married to Angela and keeps clashing with the wedding planner who doesn’t like him and refuses to acknowledge his suggestions on how to organise the wedding.

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If you are looking for a funny with a fast story line and a little bit of suspense and action, then, you should definitely check out Along 2.

Personally, I love and I was in stitches all through, Cube and Kevin Hart are great on screen chemistry as they blended into their roles perfectly.

But I felt Ice Cube was stereotype by playing his normal character of hard core, no-nonsense gangster. But in this , he was a cop, and I do like that he portrayed a little bit of emotion as in the case of his attraction to the beautiful female police officer, Mayacruz who ended up being his date to Ben and Angela’s wedding.

Another character to look out for is A.J who is the computer specialist that got evidence of Mr. Pope’s corrupt practices. The combination of A.J and Ben is quite hilarious and they formed a friendship of some sort as A.J throws Ben an impromptu bachelor’s night party which, of course, ends in commotion as a fight breaks out when they notice some assassins sent by Mr. Pope trying to murder A.J to prevent him from providing the police with evidence with which they will build a case and prosecute Mr. pope.

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2 is a very nice movie and can be viewed with the family as there are really no adult scenes in the movie.

Duration: 101 minutes

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