Igwe TUPAC announces successful operation

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Igwe Tupac had a near death experience after landing in a theatre for an impromptu operation while in the United States

Charles Okocha, popularly known as Igwe Tupac, is thanking God after landing in the theatre for an operation while on vacation.

The actor and Instagram sensation shared photos from his hospital bed where he is recuperating on Monday, June 24, 2019. According to him, he is thankful to God for safe operation even though the initial plan was a vacation trip in the United States.

“Thank God for a successful medical surgery. Went for a 5 day vacay trip to California with ma son and this is where I ended up ma vacay. We all should all get close to God-Man propose God disposes. Tomorrow ain’t promised you never know what next. Am fine now; God is the greatest,” he wrote.

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We wish Igwe Tupac a safe recovery from the surgery operation. Though it is not clear which type of surgical operation was carried out on the movie star, he obviously looks like he would be bouncing back to his feet soon.



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