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Idol star Naomi Mac stuns Falz, Waje

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Powerful voice singer Naomi Mac Paladini took the centre stage as season three of The Voice Nigeria enters week five.

Naomi, one of the finalists of the first season of Nigeria Idol, stunned the trio of Waje, Yemi Alade, and Falz with her rendition of Paul Adam’s hit song, ‘Everything I do.’

The coaches, who have been locked in the battle for successful contestants to their teams, couldn’t help but shower accolades on the 29-year-old mother of Arabela for her singing prowess. Naomi opted for team Falz to become the fifth member on his team after her daughter left the stage to pay homage to the ‘Squander’ singer. The songbird from Delta state joins 20-year-old Kpee Okoro and 22-year-old Tamara Ebelike on the Falz growing team.

The week wasn’t all about Falz as 25-year-old Blessing Ucheonye convinced coach Darey Art Alade for a turn as well as a spot in his team. Darey, Waje, and Yemi Alade agreed that though Blessing had some rough edges to straighten, she’s a diamond in the rough.

As always, the week also had some contestants leaving the stage dejectedly after performing and failing to convince the coaches enough for a turnaround and an offer in their teams. From football coach, cum singer, and songwriter, Paul Mogbolu, to Ukraine-trained medical doctor cum singer, Alade Kolade, and 32-year-old Ifeoma Utomi, the bitter pill was swallowed as they failed to impress the coaches enough for a turn or an offer for a spot in their teams.

As the show kicked off with blind auditions on March 27, 2021, 20 contestants have identified with at least one of the four coaches in five weeks of the blind auditions. Each of the coaches is expected to have six talents in their teams.

As of the fifth week, all the coaches have five members each. Yemi Alade and Waje held on to five contestants each, Darey Art Alade won his fifth contestant and Falz increased the numbers of the contestants in his team from two to five.

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