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The BBNaija Conundrum

By Chukwudi Nwobu

Recently, there has been diverse opinions on the moral implications of the BBNAIJA reality TV show;  the justification of the 85 million naira prize tag; and the benefits, if any, the TV show impacts on the society.

For the sole purpose of clarity and fairness in exposition, I will choose to approach these issues as an indifferent observer. I will be bringing so many related issues to bare as they are connected to this discussion.

These related issues are individual preferences,  investor’s attitude, and societal value system.
Individuals are at liberty to choose what to watch, sometimes at no expense. So the millions of viewers of the BBNAIJA reality TV show, who constitute the voters  have chosen to do so.

Individuals have been made to part with their money in the process of voting for the continued stay and subsequent triumph of their favourite participant on the show. Nonetheless, these voters believe that their payments commensurate with the entertainment gotten from watching the show.

This validates the unrelenting passion for watching the show by countless individuals in our society just as the popular maxim says that there are different strokes for different folks, so is the case with individual preferences.
Now,  another important issue consists in the attitude of investors. Factually, investors are in business to maximise profit. 

It is quite disheartening to realise that organisers of skill acquisition/entrepreneurship training programmes, sports tournaments, career enhancement symposia and religious programmes most times do not get required sponsorship for these programmes to hold, or even,  air on national television. It is now the modus operandi that most popular product brands and wealthy individuals would not invest in these aforementioned shows because of their belief that these shows may not generate much viewer-traffic and votes that will ensure their maximum return on investment.

This precarious situation, I believe,  has precipitated the sudden extinction of life-transforming tv shows like Gulder ultimate search, Who wants to be a millionaire, etc. Investors are keen to invest in indecorous beauty pageant shows and inordinate funfairs like BBNAIJA rather than invest in educative and ingenious shows like Who wants to be a millionaire.
The society’s value system should also be scrutinized.

Obviously, our society is touring the path of moral bankruptcy. How can one explain the fact that most of the ethical norms upheld some decades ago in our society has been eroded by the recent trends in fashion and lifestyle. Partakers and promoters of nude, vulgar and obscene content have been applauded and supported by the morally depraved greater percentage of our society.

Persons that put on indecent skimpy outfits are tagged sexy; immoral delinquent acts are delineated as just funfairs.
More so, the youth have been conditioned by the harsh realities of unemployment and poverty to believe that money should be gotten through any possible means.

This misinformed disposition of the youth has led to increased interests in cyber crimes, internet frauds and drug trafficking. Ultimately, the youth are eager to grab with both hands any opportunity aimed at alleviating their penury. 
Obviously, there are myriads of issues one must succinctly address before taking a stance on  the issue of BBNAIJA reality TV show.

No matter the stance one takes, other related issues need to be addressed for good. Better still, one may sit back and applaud the organisers for enriching the lives of lucky individuals from the society. The debate of whether the participants on the show are the poor and needy or the rich and affluent is inconsequential because at the end of the show the lucky one (s) become 85 million naira richer.

As stated earlier, I am only an indifferent observer and so have elucidated some issues connected with the BBNaija reality tv show; it is left for you to pitch your tent where you wish. 

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