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We are ready to merge because 2023 election is a special one – Kwankwaso

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By Collins Nkwocha, Lagos.

The heat of the 2023 election has become intense with the emergence of Rabiu Kwankwoso of NNPP and the formidable force of Peter Obi of the Labour Party. The transition from military to civilian regime saw PDP take over power in 1999 through Olusegun Obasanjo. It is very explicit that Nigeria has positioned herself as a two-party state with PDP and APC dominating the political scene, the credibility and acceptance of Kwakwanso and Obi have brought so much heat on both APC and PDP as the presidential candidate of NNPP is very hopeful that his party will form a formidable alliance that can wrestle power away from APC.

Speaking to Orient Daily in Lagos, the presidential aspirant was very optimistic that a good alliance is feasible “just the way there was a merger that took power away from PDP in 2015, we are ready to merge with Labour Party and other parties to wrestle power and liberate Nigerians from poverty, suffering, hunger, insecurity and other vices that crippled this nation because Nigerians are not happy”.

He advised Nigerians to vote for a credible candidate and should not allow their choice of candidate to be influenced by propaganda, he said: “Nigerians should be wise by now, I’m sure that the present state of the nation and the hardship that is obtainable in the country must have made them realise their mistakes, vote for a candidate with good political record and profile because almost everyone that is contesting has ruled in one capacity or the other, how did the person perform when he ruled, I’m very proud to say that I did excellently well as the governor of Kano state, I was able to settle the debt that incurred before I became the governor, as a governor, I never borrowed money like other governors, I took beggars away from the streets and empowered them, please ask them what they have done before you vote for them”.

He decried the ASUU strike and reiterated his love and passion for education,” as a governor, I introduced free feeding and Uniforms for every pupil in the entire Kano, this act increased school enrollment figures from one million in 2011 to over three million in 2015, I also gave them free education at all levels, I established 230 secondary schools”.

Finally, he implored the INEC chairman to make himself relevant and make history in Nigeria as someone that conducted a credible election in Nigeria, “professor Yakubu has a golden opportunity to make Nigerians cherish and love him forever and what will determine that Is the way he handles this election, lot of things went wrong in the last election but Yakubu has to his fate in his hands”.

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