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Voters sold to highest bidder in Anambra

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By Phil Okose Onitsha

The Anambra state gubernatorial election held weekend was reported to have been Characterised with sale of votes to the highest bidder in most of the Polling stations.

It was gathered that all the 18 registered political parties for the election perfected their arrangement to purchase votes the previous night through their agents between #1000 to #5000 per vote.

Under this arrangement, voters were waylaid a pole to the voting arena and told by party agents that #1000, #2000, depending on the party, was eamarked for the voter only if he votes for his party.

At Our lady’s polling station Nkpor, they were seen pleading and offering money in the presence of both the security men and other stakeholders without fear of being questioned and arrested by the security men therein.

A party agent at DMGS polling unit Onitsha that pleaded anonymity said, “we were given huge money to share, mine is #3000 for whoever that votes for us, other party agents pay #1000, #2000, #4000 or #5000. It is a battle of the fittest”

Also at Nkpor junction money was being given once you present your voter’s card even before one casts his vote.

A voter told this paper that, “all the parties spent money buying votes and whoever that wins must have spent highest.

I am not mincing words in what I am saying because I am part of the system. I know how much I made in this election”

At Nsugbe, Oyi Local Government area, a party chieftain who refused to bring out the entire money meant for purchase of votes was allegedly beaten black and blue by political thugs.

“He refused to give us what was agreed for us, he brought half of the money and expected us to use our urine to purchase the votes, is he not mad?”

“Thanks Popt will serve as detterent to would be future offenders like that idiot who thinks he is wise.

He was given millions of money for us but he brought out just #2000 per vote instead of #4000 per vote and thinks we will not find out,” END

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