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Social media supporters Can’t make you President – primate Ayodele Informs Peter Obi

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By Collins Nkwocha

Primate Ayodele of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church is a just person who believes in equity, equality and justice, despite being a Yoruba man, he has been clamouring that it is the turn of an Igbo man to rule Nigeria.

He maintained that an Igbo man is supposed to be the president of Nigeria, but the Igbos will be cheated because they did not strategise properly, he said that if 2023 eludes the Igbos, they will never get it again because of how he saw the Nigerian nation in the spiritual realm; he also enunciated that it will not be good for a nation that claims to be practising democracy, there should be fairness, equity and equality,

He talked about Peter Obi emerging as the presidential candidate of the Labour Party and wielding massive support on social media; he made it clear that there’s a great disparity between social media supporters and supporters who are eligible to vote and have their PVCs.He maintained that Nigeria is not and shouldn’t be for one tribe alone. He earlier warned David Umahi when he decamped to APC that he will never rule Nigeria, Umahi replied to him and we all saw how he made himself worthless, he told Orji Uzo Kalu and Ben Ayade the same thing that they will never become president.

He warned Tinubu about his health earlier, Tinubu has scaled through the primaries and we are all waiting to see how it will end, he has even gone ahead to prophesy the tribe that will get the presidency, we are all waiting to see if it will happen.

He condemned the Owo attack and said that Nigerians should pray against religious crises. He said that terrorists have infiltrated some states in Nigeria and he mentioned Ondo as one of those states, he advised churches to stand firm to defend themselves and also implored security operatives to work together with churches, especially on Sunday to help protect them and avert impending attacks.

He also maintained that the security threat will make some states chase away or stop certain tribes from gaining access to their state

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