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Peaceful Election:CLO Commends Anambrarians

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By Cyprian Ebele Oniitsha

The Anambra state Chairman of Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, comrade Vincent Ezekwueme, Sunday commended citizenry, residents, political parties and gladiators for their peaceful, civil and harmonious conduct during and after yesterday governorship election.

‘They have shown and demonstrated indeed as truly the light of the nation by proving prophets of doom wrong assertion that the election will be violent and disastrous”

In a press release to newsmen in Oniitsha, titled, “We can do It better” Ezekwueme commended INEC, Security Personnel, Civil Society Organisations, International-Society, stakeholders and those who contributed immensely towards peaceful and successful conduct of November 6th governorship election.

“We however condemned with great disdain failures of Bi-Model Voters Accreditation System otherwise known as BVAS, lateness of electoral officials and materials, inadequate or absence of security personnel in some polling units and voting centers,unprecedented and outrageous vote buying, systematic disenfranchisement of voters, inducements and intimidations which is a great threat to our democratic spirit and principles”

“It is very unfortunate and despicable that citizens of the state have failed to avoid one of the mahatma Gandhi’s seven blunders of the world, right without responsibility.”

“Majority of the citizenry have failed, refused and neglected to exercise their civic duty to vote in an election that hold their future and that of their children.”

“It is incredible but existential reality that since the history of the state, this is first time voters apathy reached its apogee that less than ten percent of estimated 2.5 million registered voters cast their votes.

“As collection and counting of votes continue” CLO is eagerly looking forward for honest conclusion of the election that will be acceptable to both winner and losers due to it’ credibility”. END

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