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We are here to rescue Nigeria, revamp the economy, ASUU strike will never happen again – NNPP VP, Bishop Idahosa

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Vice presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, Dr. Isaac Idahosa, has asserted that his party has what it takes to compete in the forthcoming presidential election due to the competence of the party’s Flag bearer, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

While speaking to newsmen at the Get It Right ’23 event, an initiative of Triumphant Global Network INC, a network of clergies and group of Christians in politics, Dr Idahosa claimed that the Kwankwaso/Idahosa ticket has what it takes to bring Nigeria back to its former glories like fixing the economy by employing best brains and not shying away from infrastructural collapse, insecurity to resource control and territorial integrity.

“The common man is suffering while some are smiling, there’s no sincerity, there’s a compromise, there’s confusion, there’s cowardice, there’s corruption everywhere, we can’t find fairness, equity, nothing that seems to be working that’s affecting the common man.

“We’re putting our hands together to ensure a new Nigeria where everybody will find where they belong, where everybody will get involved, get the best of brains and turn the economy around.

“Enough of promises without fulfilment. So we’re coming with that drive to unite the country, without security there cannot be progress anywhere in the world; people can go to their farmlands without being afraid of bandits or Boko Haram, all manner of evil vices.

“You see, people don’t sleep with their two eyes closed.
“Nigeria needs rescue and needs it now and that’s why we’re involved to ensure to put action to our words”.

He also claimed that Dr. Kwankwaso is equal to the task ahead due to his achievements while he was governor of Kano state, minister of defence, deputy speaker house of Representatives.

“His Excellency Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso has his antecedent of what he had done when he was 2 term governor of Kano state, what he had done when he was deputy speaker house of Representatives, what he had done when he was senator, ambassador, minister of defence; so much experience gathered bettering the lives of people, investing in the economy, he met over N25B debt as a governor and he cleared it and everything you saw him did in Kano without burning a dime”.
Dr Idahosa said that they’ll address the real issues bothering the nation at large by not dodging any questions when it comes to clarity when their campaign starts.

“What you have is what you’ll give, if you don’t have what to give, you give what you have. When you begin to see people attacking people and then dodging the real issue which is uniting the nation, which is bettering the economy by ensuring we engage in production and not just that, but productivity inclined.

“We’re going to block loopholes, issue-based campaign, we’re going to ensure we fueled the economy, we speak about the economy; how to revamp it, how to stop capital flag in other words, siphoning our money abroad and to ensure human capital development, how to ensure that ASUU strike will never have to exist again.

In our reign, how to ensure that our health system is better, how to ensure that armed forces are well catered for”.

“Accountability must be in place but today we have cowardice, corruption, confusion, leadership without character and competence”.

He also claimed that they are coming with a synergizing spirit to ensure Nigeria bounces back again to its original glory.
Talking about the structural strength of NNPP, he claimed that they are waxing strong on daily basis and that they are going to shock a lot of people.

“You’ll be shocked that within 5 months we would have covered the whole country like secretariates we’ve opened in strategic places in the country. You’ll understand better when we start our campaigns”.

We have antecedents of winning this election by letting people know that they can be involved; so there’s a strong structure and this structure will turn to vote.

Dr Idahosa equally believed that INEC is competent enough to deliver this election due to their good work at Anambra, Ekiti, and Osun Guber elections.

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