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INEC lied, deceived Nigerians –Jehovah Sharp sharp

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By Collins Nkwocha

Nigerians are still nursing the flaws of the presidential election which saw, Bola Ahmed Tinubu of APC emerge as the winner. Peter Obi of the Labour Party and Atiku Abubakar of the PDP has opened rejected the results of the election and are ready to challenge it in court.

One of the famous clerics in Nigeria, Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha of the Resurrection Praise Ministries For Africa, Jehovah Sharp sharp has equally expressed his dissatisfaction with the election.
Speaking to newsmen at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos the clergy expressed his total disappointment with the process, he said: “a day to the election, on the 24th of February to be precise, I was on the streets of Lagos to appeal to people to come out to vote and shun all manner of violence, I did this in my capacity as a clergy because I believed in the process, I believed that INEC was able to conduct the most credible election in the history of Nigeria, but everything was a lie, a mirage, an illusion, INEC lied and deceived Nigerians”.

He further stressed that he wouldn’t have been against the victory of Tinubu if the election was transparent and reflected the choice of the people “the mandate of the people was stolen, INEC made us believe that the results will be transmitted right from the polling units, they renegade and took us back to the old process which aids rigging and all forms of malpractices, nobody questioned the funds of INEC because we wanted to have a credible election and this is what we could get after everything, it’s so disheartening and intensely excruciating, Nigerians are disappointed”

He beckoned on the judiciary to be upright and help recover the mandate of the people as the opposition parties are set to go to court, “the judiciary is supposed to be the hope of the ordinary man, judges should not trade their integrity because God has made them Lords over men and they must be conscious of their esteemed status, Nigerians are counting on them, Nigerians might not be confident of the court, but I think that its time for the judiciary to restore its lost integrity”.

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