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Ebonyi PDP more united after Umahi’s exit, says Youth leader

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By Sunday Elom N.

South East Youth leader of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Comrade Chidiebere Egwu has said the Ebonyi State Chapter of the Party is now more united after the defection of the Governor, Engr. David Umahi to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC in November last year.

Speaking on the sidelines in an exclusive interview with Orient Daily shortly after a stakeholder’s meeting of the Party last weekend, Egwu eulogized the youths for working hard to remain united and committed to the course of the Party and appreciated the leaders for their support.

Recounting his background, Egwu who said he played a crucial role in mobilizing youths to ensure Umahi’s victory in 2015 and 2019 maintained that, “Ebonyi have upcoming youths who are now becoming more serious to redefine what they used to be; and Ebonyi as known before. Majority of the youths used to engage in various petty businesses like hawking, but now they have realized that they can be more industrious when they have little more money to invest in businesses and monitor the businesses to grow, and from what I can see, most of the businesses are growing and most of them are doing very well.”

Speaking on his Party’s acceptability, Egwu said, “When they (Ebonyi youths) came to realize that they are not comfortable with the governor of the state, PDP is the only answer because that is where they will be given the opportunity to air their views, because it has given them the opportunity before, because, in PDP, we always run politics of inclusiveness and allow people to be deciding factors because your matter cannot be decided in your absence. You need to be there when your matter is being decided and be able to make your inputs. With those things, youths decided I’m the right man for them to follow because I have contributed immensely to their welfare.”

He revealed that the major reason he had issues with Umahi is that even though he defected to APC, he has refused to empower the youths who worked for him. “And those youths believe that if they work, they should eat. That is why we now introduced what we call, “Onye ruo, orie” (he who worked, must eat) and not “Monkey dey work, Baboon de chop” (One person working and another person who did not work will be enjoying the fruit of the labour). We no longer want such a thing in the system.”

Speaking further, Egwu said, “I don’t think that there is any generation that wants to grow, either a country or a State that is struggling very hard to survive this economic challenges without integrating youths; because our hope relies on anything that can bring positive change and good transformation so that in the end, our youths will no longer remain in hunger and starvation.”

He said, “The youths we have now in PDP as I’m telling you are not lazy youths because they are law abiding citizens and they have decided to focus. They are not deterred by any challenge and I can assure you that they have said that their power is their PVC (Permanent Voters Card). In fact, so many people are decamping (from other parties into PDP). When I toured 20 wards in Ikwo, I noticed that many people including women decamped and joined PDP and promised that they want to join forces with us to end hunger and starvation, insecurity, bickering and hatred in the State.  

We need unity and we need each other for us to thrive and that is why we have relatively come together and agree to do so and that is why many of them have called me today that they are coming back to PDP. Those who have been in APC and have never worked with us said they like our leadership style and they have decided to join us.”

Comrade Egwu pointed out that many people joined the PDP in Ebonyi from different political Parties because, “if you as a young man can boldly say, because you need a respectful leader who can hear the yearnings and aspirations of every young men we have in Ebonyi, because of this we want to decamp from other parties so that we can join forces with you and redefine Ebonyi and make it what it supposed to be.

As I speak with you now, other people have taken the same part, moving round all the wards in various local governments, speaking their youths; and they are gradually coming and I want to tell you that before the end of this year, there will be nothing like APC. Everything is PDP because they believe in PDP because when PDP was in charge, there was no high cost of living but now, you can’t afford a house rent or even two meals a day. What kind of condition is that?”

On the recent empowerment programme of Governor Umahi, Egwu claimed, “They know that the man is just deceiving himself. All those things are audio empowerment. The problem I have with him is that I used to tell him the truth. You can’t play politics with people’s lives but he is playing politics with people’s lives. He came and said he wants to give people billions of naira for #EndSARS protest but people are receiving N9,800. I was there.

As a former SA (Special Assistant) to the governor on youth empowerment, we have never empowered one person any day and I met him several times and said we should empower these young men by introducing at least small and medium businesses they said they want to do but he chose to be giving money to most of his appointees only. He wanted to give it to them because he was no longer going to reappoint them. So, the other people are nobody’s sons. He doesn’t want to see them.”

Egwu insisted that, “As a matter of fact, as I’m talking to you, the youths are really crying and yearning for PDP to come back because PDP has the majority of people who are listeners and people who know the challenges. That is why when you marry two wives, you will be able to know which one is better.”   

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