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By Collins Nkwocha

Prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry, Lagos has reiterated that the labour party presidential aspirant, Peter Obi will not will the forthcoming election. He advised those using their money to fund the Obi movement to desist from it because it will never yield anything positive.

Speaking to Orient Daily in Lagos, the cleric said “I have reiterated that Peter Obi is deceiving Nigerians and his movement is a total failure, those that are selling their properties to fund his campaign should realise that it is a total waste of resources, they will all cry because Peter Obi will never become the president of Nigeria, Ahmed Tinubu is the next president of Nigeria”.

He advised them to do something meaningful with their resources instead of wasting, he said: “who told you that Peter Obi does not have money? he is full of deceit and lies, making you bring out the little you have, whereas Obi is a billionaire, he doesn’t want to bring out his money, people should realise this before it gets too late because they will all shed tears after the election”.

He said that a man who is full of lies and deceit should not be allowed to rule this country. He said that Obi kept his money in the bank and he is making people sell their properties to fund his campaign, he described the act as evil and satanic.

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  1. Anonymous says

    All this fake prophets let them go and stay one place is themb that is deceiving people nothing like peter obi is deceiving people is the prophecy that came to Nigeria that Nigeria will be a better place that many countries will come and stay so is now let us be careful

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