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APC Gov’t Is Unfair To Nigerians, Says Rev. Nwachukwu

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Anambra based pastor, Rev (Dr) Jerry Nwachukwu, has slammed the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) for allegedly putting Nigerians into sufferings for the past 8 years.

Speaking yesterday at the Bible Base Miracle Assembly, located at No. 19 Ezendu Street, off Mercedes Avenue, Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Rev. Nwachukwu, who is the senior pastor and founder of the church, also described the N100m tagged on the APC’s presidential form as a corrupt tendency capable of worsening the country’s democratic woes.

“The ruling APC is deceiving Nigerians. Those paying N100m in the name of expression of interest form are, to me, corrupt Nigerians. It is the money that they looted from the Nigerian economy that they’re returning, and reinvesting in their parent party.

“Anybody giving out such amount, believing that he will emerge president of Nigeria, God will never allow him. God will never allow such buccaneers to continue to loot the country’s economy.

“More than 24 aspirants paid N100m each for the said form; including a notable pastor; yet, leaders of the party told Nigerians that the reason they tagged it at N100m is to scare aspirants. Who have they scared away? By selling expression of interest form at N100m, APC has proven to the world and Nigerians in particular that it does not have the interest of the country at heart,” he said.

“It seems APC has no answers to questions facing Nigerians. The party promised a lot in 2015. After 8 years, it has nothing to show. The critical sectors of the economy are not touched. The performance of the party in critical sectors, such as power and economy, are abysmally low. Insecurity in the 36 states and the federal capital are worsening by the day. Nigerians are no longer sleeping with their two eyes closed. People are being slaughtered like cows; yet, there are no arrests, no prosecutions! The country is already on a red alert.

“Regrettably, PDP is neither here nor there. Even as the major opposition party, PDP is loosing focus. If PDP could put its acts together, and speak with one voice, it can win the 2023 presidential election with ease. This is because, Nigerians would not want what has been happening in the past eight years to continue.

“For Pastor Bakere, who also paid N100m for APC’s expression of interest form, he is only making investments in the ruling party; believing that the incoming government will favour him in one way or the other.

“The senior pastor and founder of Latter Rain Assembly, aka Citadel Church, resigned recently from his pastoral duties, and joined full time politics. To me, what he is doing is to prepare himself for appointments.

“Which political party does Bakere belong to? How many political meetings has he called? Have Nigerians seen his presence as someone coming to contest presidential election? There is no such sign, unless APC will decide to give him ticket unconditionally. Some of the aspirants are actually paying for appointments, such as ministers, ambassadors etc in the incoming government.”

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