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ADC will use handshake to solve Nigeria’s problems – Ralph Nwosu

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By Lawrence Nwimo

The national chairman of African Democratic Congress, ADC, Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu, has said that his party will solve the problems facing the country with a handshake. 

Nwosu said this while speaking to a team of journalists shortly after his party held a state congress to inaugurate and launch the Anambra Global Vision in Awka, Saturday.

He blamed myriads of problems facing the country on the poor competence of those at the helm of power and said his party, ADC, had the better pedigree and was better placed to solved the many Nigeria problems. 

“ADC will use handshake to solve Nigeria problems. We don’t need ammunition; handshake alone will solve Nigeria’s problems. Terrorism, kidnapping and all the security challenges facing the country can be solved by handshake. The leadership in place is a failed one and that is why we have insecurity everywhere.

“It’s in our DNA. ADC is a learning organisation and not just a political party. Our national party is called ‘ADC global campus’. People come to ADC and understand leadership and public policy. Among what we inculcate is principles and values of diversity. Once a leader understands that he is managing a diversity, the problems will go away.”

Speaking on the upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra state, the chairman reiterated his party’s resolve to zone power to the Anambra South senatorial zone, stating that such was considered, due to the party’s belief in equity and justice.

Nwosu, who used the occasion to commemorate Nigerian workers on the Workers’ Day, decried that politicians in Nigeria had become multimillionaires whereas the civil servants could barely afford decent meals “Anambra workers and Nigeria workers particularly, we feel your plight. For we are all in it. While the civil servants that have invested over 20 years in service can hardly afford a decent meal, the political leaders have become multi-millionaires and billionaires.

He further accused the country’s electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, for having a hand in denying the country the freedom to elect credible candidates that has the interest of the people at heart.

According g to him, Nigerians had suffered overtime and since the return to civil rule in the country, citizens had never been allowed by INEC to have a taste of true democracy both at the state and the national levels.

He said: “INEC is very ineffective institution and some of the problems of our democracy are traceable to INEC. If we are to conduct election the way democracy should be, by now, Nigeria’s democracy will be beyond elections. 

“Up till now, we have not gotten our elections right. If we had gotten our election right, in 2019, by now ADC would have been governor of Oyo state, Ogun state and Adamawa state and would have had a minimum of 20 senators, over 70 House of Reps members and more than 100 House of Assembly members.  

“It is 22 years since we embarked on the journey of civilian leadership. By now, we are supposed to have scaled the hurdle of having credible elections. Unfortunately, they have not. Democracy is not only about election. It is about the government that was put together by the people it represents. 

“INEC is supposed to be the epitome of democracy but, unfortunately, they are still derailing democracy after 22 years. They have not gotten the first aspect which is election. Everybody is thinking that election is the democracy but, however, forget that it is just an aspect of democracy. It is the government that ensures true democracy and, up till now, we don’t have it. That is why we still have symptoms of rubbish in Nigeria.”

He continued, “ADC had been the third force before, but they are the number one force now. If you go anywhere in Nigeria now and ask, people will tell you they don’t want PDP and APC. ADC is the number one party because it is the party that is rooted to the people.”

He posited that although many considered ADC as minor political party in the country, ADC ranks first in the overall number of persons elected based on credibility. 

Nwosu, who spoke on the theme: “Nigeria: Re-Thinking Our Strategies; Envisioning Anambra as the IJELE OF AFRICA to Light Up the World”, labelled All Progressive Grand Alliance, ruling party in Anambra state, a bunch of criminals, accusing them of stealing his votes when he won a primary election in the party in the past. “I won the APGA primaries and then APGA became a trading machine. They sold up my electoral votes. I don’t deal with criminals.”

He noted that the current insecurity in Nigeria was a symptom of a failed leadership, adding that “whenever Nigeria gets the leadership right, peace and development will come to Nigeria. The moment we have justice and equity, all these things will go and we will be able to manage our diversity”, he concluded.

Contributing, the acting state chairman of ADC, Anambra state chapter, Comrade Patrick Obianyo, said that ADC was a party that anchored on transparency, responsibility, endurance and innovations; which he said collectively form the party’s DNA. 

He said that ADC was the only credible alternative platform, with the key to the solution of the numerous and seemingly intractable problems of the beleaguered country, adding that ADC’s potentials for sustainable growth beckoned on the people to choose a more pragmatic leadership.

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