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2023: 38 year old economic expert joins presidential race

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…vows to revamp educational, health, and 2 other sectors

By Lawrence Nwimo, Awka.

A thirty-eight years old economic expert, Onyeka Nwafor has declared his intention to contest the seat of the president in the 2023 general election.

Onyekachi made his intention known during a press briefing in Awka, the Anambra State capital during the weekend.

He said he was contesting under the political party platform of the National Rescue Movement (NRM), and that if elected will use his youthful energy to fight insecurity, and corruption by revamping major sectors like education, the health sector and agriculture to build the nation’s economy.

He noted that he had extensively consulted with family members, friends, elder statesmen, traditional and religious leaders, genuine business moguls and the masses across the country before making decisions known to the public.

The aspirant described Nigeria as a country with a vast number of highly skilled and gifted citizens whose skills, talents and patriotism are being frustrated by the inability of leaders, both past and present to put in place the enabling system, institutions and policies for their development.

He blamed Nigeria’s inability to achieve a sustainable efficient system on the continued absence of credible, selfless and purpose-driven leaders in Nigeria’s corridors of power.

He also said, “Over the years, our elected and appointed government officials have made the vast majority of our very intelligent youths lose faith in the fibre that holds us together as an indivisible and indissoluble nation, due to their lack of commitment to their electioneering campaign promises and party agenda.

“The devastating effects of this anomaly are undeniably manifested in our fast weakening economy, poor education system, prevailing security breaches, unreliable and porous banking system, the decline in commercial prospects, inefficient tax administration, ethno-religious crisis, the decline in foreign direct investment, skyrocketing unemployment rate, slow and deficient justice system.

” Human rights violation by state and non-state actors, massive corruption in both public and private sectors, capital flight, soaring inflation, unprecedented fall in our Gross Domestic Products, embarrassing rise in foreign debt, ever-deteriorating health sector, unprecedented capital flight and massive corrupt practices.

He stated that “fixing the streams of Nigeria problems requires holistic focus on the Four key areas of the government functions including education, security, health and electricity.

According to him, “applying a large sum of the nation’s budget to revamping our education system, ensuring the security of life and properties, providing a well-equipped health sector and ensuring steady and uninterrupted electrical power supply across the nation will magically eliminate the myriads of problems currently bedevilling Nigeria.”

He also that “Time has come for all electorates across the nation to drop religious, tribal, ethnic and ideological rivalries and pull electoral weights together towards making Nigeria a better place for both the rich and the poor.”

The NRM presidential aspirant urged Nigerians as well as party faithful to tilt their choice of candidate not to the highest bidder, but in the direction of someone with clear-cut agenda and the requisite integrity to deliver campaign promises and party agenda. 

Adding, Anambra State Chairman, National Rescue Movement, Engr Leonard Ezenwamma, said NRM as one of the major political movements in Nigeria, has men and women of high pedigree who, he said, have what it takes to reposition the country.

Also speaking, a stakeholder of the party, Chief Gerald Onyebuchi enjoined youths to shun corrupt leadership and embrace one agenda which is to elect a credible youth to pilot effectively the affairs of the country.

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