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If You Can Rule Can’t You Resign, Is It By Force? – Pastor Paul Enenche urged Buhari to resign

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According to Pastor Paul Enenche, his leadership is disastrous. Enenche, in one of his sermons, lamented widespread of insecurity in the country, saying the government has failed the people.

He said it is not by force for Buhari to rule and that if he knew he could not, he should resign. ”Is it by force to rule? If you can’t you resign? Is it by force? Things are going out of control at various levels and people are still sitting there until everybody dies?

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”The time has come when they say enough is enough. It is not even time to blame the kidnappers or the bandits, where are the people in authority that can make kidnapping end in under seven days if they want?

“There are kidnapping cells everywhere in the bush. We have modern navigated technology to locate everywhere they are under 24 hours. Everywhere they are can be located by satellite.

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“And then the people they kidnap passed through roadblocks, and people are sitting and priding themselves, I am chief this and chief that. Useless chief for nothing. If we wait for authority everybody may die in calamity, Jehovah has to arise on behalf of this nation,” Enenche said

According to him, “The only disaster we have in Nigeria is disastrous leadership. If somebody is watching and blood is flowing, it is either he is a killer or he is a sponsor of killers or he is excited at the killings, that is the scenario of our nation, truth must be told.”

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