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Is Nigeria still palatable?

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How will it explained, especially to the unborn generations, that Nigeria which was referred to, as the Giant of Africa in the 60s and 70s for it economic strength  as well as military prowess  among others factors can no longer boast of that title? It is really heartbreaking. So many factors are responsible for this downgrade, ranging from bad leadership style to neocolonialism.

The rate at which Nigerian youths are not just leaving the country but still willing to leave at the slightest opportunity, in search of greener pastures, is so alarming. Does it mean that there are no opportunities in Nigeria?  Looking critically at the present condition, it seems there is little or no hope for Nigerian youths.

How could it be explained that a hundred dollar, which might not be enough for lunch in some advanced countries, would be sent to a Nigerian and it would be enough to buy a bag of rice and other food items. Whereas, 100 naira might not be enough to pay for the lunch of a primary school student, talk more of sending to another country.

So, tell me why the youths won’t be longing to travel to those countries where they have more opportunities to do menial jobs which could be paying them more than Nigerian university professors. Talking about why internet scamming is now attractive is another topic for another day.

Government at different levels should employ workable means of reviving the economy. The youths are the strength and hope of any nation and our country would be in shambles, if we lose these youths to other countries.

Chiemerie Onyemah


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