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Women need to be empowered for greater Nigeria …… Egbosi

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Dr. Mrs Ifeoma Egbosi is a Deputy Director of Administration with the Idemili North Local Government Council, an indefatigable crusader for the girl-child education and a woman with a difference. In this interview with Ada Nwanagum, she stresses the need for the girl-child education and encouragement as it is one of the routes to a sustainable nation. Excerpts:Growing up days

My growing up was not an easy journey. My parents, Late Mr Ambrose Okonkwo and Mrs Victoria Okonkwo were very dedicated to bringing us up in a Godly way. My father was a civil servant and my mum a business woman. In fact, my childhood journey wasn’t easy because l had a lot of siblings and we were not financially buoyant.


I am Comrade Egbosi Ifeoma, KSJI, JP, Ph.D. l am a native of Ubaha Village, Ebenesi Nnobi. l am happily married with five children. l attended Sukugi LEA Primary School, Zaria, and finished at Ezike Primary School, Awuda, Nnobi. For my tertiary education, l studied Political Science at Enugu State University of Science and Technology (B.Sc.,  Pol. Sc.), and later lmo State University, Owerri, for my Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Public Administration. I later proceeded to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, for my Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision, had my Ph.D in Management and Policy. l work at Idemili North Local Government Secretariat as a Deputy Director of Administration.

Childhood dreams

Yes, I imagined being who I am today because all my life, l have always dreamt to be a woman of repute and to be addressed as a Dr Mrs. (smiles). I am living my dream today.

Fears and challenges while growing up

My fears had always been financial constraints. Apart from that, I had no other fear because I worked very hardto achieved my dreams.

Success strategy

By working very hard, praying to the Holy Spirit, as my good friend and comforter. Infact, He (Holy Spirit) has been seeing me through till date.

Reasons behind choice of career

It has always been my dream to be educated. Education is the key, the light, and should be the second husband to any reasonable woman.

Career satisfaction

It is very fulfilling. I am so glad I took this path.

Openings for women in your field

Yes, we need more women, because women need to be empowered for greater Nigeria; to educate a woman is to educate a nation for the sustainability of all sectors.

Impact on chosen career/field

Woo… great impacts; yes, it is true that l am not lecturing for now, but l do give short lectures, speeches, talks to some groups of persons. Just yesterday l talked to some women in the rural areas about Covid 19, explaining to them the safety measures and implications, educating them on global happenings and their effects.

Impact on society morals

Well, I am there already, trying to explain especially some government policies at the grassroots level. Always remember this: “I am a local government staff with a difference” (smiles).

Experience as wife, mother and career woman

Well, the experience has never been easy but determination is the key to success. I encourage every woman to go to school and be educated, because knowledge is power and it will help them combine these three careers: mother, wife and career woman, effectively.

Greatest life challenge(s) so far

I see no challenge as the greatest because they all come with their different prices. But, combining my education, career and motherhood simultaneously is a big challenge of its own. Sometimes, when consider my achievements, l marvel. If not God,who would have seen me through to this level.

Greatest achievements so far

I can’t place it out but my status as an academic doctor and a mother is loud enough.

Role model/source of inspiration

I have so many of them, but most importantly, Professor lkedigwu, Professor Omenyi of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, and Dr Mrs Ego Okeke of Ogbaru Local Government Area. These women are models you can look up to at any time. They are educated, well behaved and above all they have the fear of God in them.

Prejudice against the girl child

No, I didn’t and I won’t experience it, and I say to every woman, don’t allow the societal distractions/relegations to drag you down. l don’t give chances to such prejudice. l have focus, l know what l want, and l go for it. From all my expressions, you can see my emphases. They are, determination, prayer, and hard work because nothing good comes easy.

Sexual harassment

No. With my disposition, nobody can try such act with me.

Solution to sexual harassment and intimidation

Sexual harassment/intimidation is a social misnomer. We should educate our girls and stop exposing them to some dangers of life. Some women keep grown up house helps of opposite sex and some allow their daughters to visit their so-called relatives, assuming it doesn’t matter. Even if you fall a victim of such, be courageous, don’t lose hope. If we want a sustainable country educate the girl child because to educate a woman is to educate a nation.


I want to be remembered for my good deeds, and my unprecedented knowledge of human resource management. 

Advice to younger generation of women

Just as l said before, knowledge is power, be determined to go to school. It can be now or later. Don’t misuse any opportunity in life. Believe you can make it. Always pray to God for help. He cannot fail you.

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