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My predicament made me encounter Christ -Apostle Orobose

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Apostle Godwin Orobose is the founder of Perilous Time Deliverance Ministry, Ikorodu, Lagos. He spoke about his encounter with Jesus Christ, how he started and his challenges in the course of the ministry in an interview with Orient Daily’s correspondent, Collins Nkwocha.

Please kindly tell us about yourself, your ministry and how it started.

My names are Godon Orobosere, a senior pastor at Perilious time deliverance ministry. By the special grace of God, Perilous time deliver ministry started nine years ago in a small ‘batcha’ because.

It started in Ikorodu. I was praying and believing in God and I was serving in other churches as assistant pastor, and branch pastor, God kept saying I have given you the mandate to own a ministry, I said I don’t want to and the lord kept telling me, go and I am sending you forth. By the grace of God, as of that time, I was staying at a place called Surulere, Adinogun Sonya precisely and I ask the Lord, if you give me, where is the place? I wanted to go to Abuja; I have already gotten a place in Abuja and I just wanted to fly to Abuja to start but God told me not to go to Abuja and that I should go to Ikorodu. I came down to Ikorodu knowing nobody. How do I start? I was believing God. What do I do? I went to Ikorodu from Surulere looking from place to place and looking for a place to start.

How did you get born again?

By the grace of God I got born again fact that I was sent to prison because I was framed by a friend of mine, that was in 1991. The person went to rob and lied that I was the person that instructed him. We were dragged to court and I was sentenced.

I was confused then because wasn’t born again. As we were sitting outside, a woman came to preach to me and she told me that if I can get born again that the allegation matter would be settled.

As soon I accepted Christ, I went to the woman in her Church because her husband is a pastor, after that the matter was settled within a week miraculously, so since that day, I started running my race; that was the day I encountered Christ Jesus and God has been faithful since that day till now by the grace of God.
Going further, after getting to Ikorodu, I saw a particular place and I was told it was owned by Alhaji; a Muslim man said the Alhaji will never allow a Christian to own a Church in that place.

I was standing there, the Alhaji all of a sudden came to the place and it had been said that Alhaji hadn’t visited there in a long period. As I met with him, I immediately informed him that I would love to use his land, he then gazed at me for 15 minutes and now finally said that I should go and used the land for free, that is, I shouldn’t pay any rental fee.
So we started by building a batcha and about four years later, the owner of the land says they want to develop their land, later, a woman came with her husband and God used me to pray for them and they got the wonderful breakthrough and they went another side of Ikorodu, bought 2 plots of land for us which he bought for over 70 million naira and we started, that’s how we have been, God has been faithful giving us branches and after that God took me outside the country where I have been blessing people in Dubai, Kenya, other countries and we have fellowship over there.

What area of the ministry do you operate?

By the grace of God, the fivefold minstrel, I major as a prophet because I was born a prophet but apart from being a prophet, I am a teacher, I can preach, and I can be an apostle going from one place to another preaching the Gospel, I can evangelise as an evangelist and so, I touch other areas.

So, you can call me an apostle but because by birth, I was born a prophet. If you look at it now, you can see I am a prophet, people marvel when I do these works because I can do all of it.

What are the challenges you are facing on the course of running the race for God?

One challenge that I currently face now is members. People are coming on us to take advantage of us especially when you’re a pastor with a good heart as is the work of a man of God to be doing good. In the course of ministry, I discovered that my doing good had made people hurt me over time.

In ministry so far, I have had people that have betrayed and hurt me but of it I still forgave them.

The other challenge is fellow pastors. Out of envy and jealousy, they try to castigate my name and tried to see how they can spoil things for me, up on these things, I still didn’t reply to them. So, the challenges I pass through are major members that I took as my own and other fellow pastors. Notwithstanding all these things, God has been faithful and it hadn’t made us stop helping people.

How will you recount God’s faithfulness in this course of 9 years?

I can say God has been faithful to the extent that when I sit down, I begin to ask myself how I met pastors in Ikorodu land and till now some of them don’t have a plance of fellowship; that is they don’t have a place of their own, they still roam around.

In these nine years, I got married, God gave me kids, gave me my ministry branch, and properties, God has been so faithful and he had used me to touch lives worldwide. God also taught me humility as I eventually relate well with my members which some people thought its a weakness, and no matter the level you are, humility is the key.

Can you tell one or two incredible or magnificent miracles God has done in your ministry that you’ll never forget?

So far so good, there are mind-blowing testimonies, as I recall it, the first one is a woman that was having a kidney problem and running dialysis at a point they don’t have money to do a kidney transplant which cost about 30 million naira, her name is Mrs Comfort Akpoo, I mentioned her name for confirmation.

She was asked to go to the village and die. She came to me and said, sir finally I can’t be on dialysis and I will be going to my village to go and die. The Lord told me to tell her to get water in a basin so that I can bless it. And after blessing the water, she used the water. She later went back to her doctor and he confirmed that her kidney is back to normal. Today she’s alive and rejoicing.

Another person came from Magodo and they said she had no womb. In the course of prayer, the Lord told me to tell them to get baby things, by the grace of God, she has three kids already now. Another person was brought dead and by the grace of God, the man is alive today.

Finally, what has God told you as a prophet concerning the forthcoming general election in Nigeria?

I am this person that’s always anonymous when it comes to politics but I have come to realize that we can’t continue like that because we need to be involved in it. Christians have to be involved in it as well. God’s will be done in this forthcoming general election and Nigerians should vote for the right candidate. God told me that APC and PDP have failed us, voting APC or PDP again is like adding salt to injury. What we must do is initiate a revolution by voting for a younger person. The Lord will help us in Jesus Christ’s name Amen.

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