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Insecurity: Gov’t must listen to agitators, UNC tells Buhari

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By Ben Adoga

Commandant General (CG), United Nigeria Chaplaincy, UNC, Prof. Jidejisos Ejie, has expressed deep concern over the spate of insecurity in Nigeria and charged the government to listen to the cry of the people and change its strategy.

The CG made this observation in Abuja at the sidelines of the promotion of three senior officers to Assistant Commanders General.

Ejie expressed the optimism that Nigeria would come out stronger after all these, but that government must wake up and come out with appropriate strategies.

“Government has to come down from its high horse to the grassroots and listen to the people. Government should hear what agitators are saying.

“Nigerians are dying from insecurity; poverty is ravaging the people; you can’t start doing anything successfully without listening to the people.

“A good leader is the one that listens, the one that loves the people and has passion and empathy.”

He said that Nigerians were not happy with the current situation in the country and lamented that, though he loved Mr. President as a person and his administration’s fight against corruption, Nigerians were worried that more suffering may be underway, following another likely lockdown in some states due to the second wave of COVID 19. He said this would result in more hunger in the land, increased insecurity and general uncertainty.

Proffering solutions, he said government should create a round table to enable peoples and groups ventilate their grievances, that the communities that are complaining that herdsmen are not letting them farm as well as the herdsmen be given the opportunity to state their grievances.

“Buhari must listen to the cry of the masses: The youths are crying, the Elders are crying, everybody is crying. Let there be a round table and government should set up a committee to work out modalities for the implementation of the resolutions.”

Speaking further, he stressed: “We want to see Nigeria remain indivisible. The United States has different tribes and races, yet one united country, if U.S. can stay united why can’t Nigeria stay? I believe in the indivisibility of Nigeria.”

Also speaking was Cardinal Joseph Dominion, Africa International President, International Parliament for Peace, Safety and Justice.

Dominion said there was the need to sustain the peace and that it would require bringing together all dissatisfied parties in the country.

He said the government should ensure fair play, equity and fairness in the country.

One of the promoted officers, Lady Lovelyne Mbanefo, a lawyer and industrialist, said the promotion was another opportunity to contribute to peace building in Nigeria and that she was excited and would pursue it with all pleasure.

For Bishop (Dr.) Juanita Nwendu, presiding Bishop of The Christ Church on the Hill who was equally promoted to Assistant Commander General, no nation had ever succeeded in development without peace.

That makes it imperative for all Nigerians to crave for Peace.

She said the promotion and official recognition was a call to do more.

The third promoted officer to the rank of Assistant Commandant General was Dr. (Mrs.) Joseph Dominion.

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  1. Falade Olutaye says

    We pray that Mr President listen to your good advice,so much have been said by good people of Nigeria on insecurity across the length and breath of the country., but of no avail.The emirs obi obas,,scholars etc had advised mainly on the atrocities been perpetrated by the Fulani.

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