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Insecurity: Bishop Chukwuma berates Buhari over Borno farmers’ killing

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By Millicent Onaga, Enugu

The Anglican Archbishop of Enugu Province, Most Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma, has condemned the recent killing of 43 rice farmers by the Boko Haram in their farmland in Borno state.

Chukwuma expressed his bitterness over the killing in an interview with Orient Weekend, saying the massacre of the farmers who had gone to their rice farm was very sad and wondered what must have led to it.

“It was very sad to hear about this massacre in the farmland where people had gone to cultivate rice and one will be wondering what must have led to that”

He argued that it was unfair for the government to say the victims should have gotten clearance before going to their farmland. “You don’t need to take permission before you go to your farmland to cultivate; it is absolutely wrong to say that; it is the negligence from the security personnel because they are to make sure they give security to the people, which is the democratic essence.”

“It is very unfortunate that we are living in a country where the head of the state is not serious about these killings. This time around, the highest killing of lives in this government is more than any other government and the president has not been sincere.

He went further to accuse President Muhammadu Buhari insincerity and his failure to appreciate that his service chiefs were expired and had failed in their duty to secure the country.

“The whole thing is that Buhari is not sincere to Nigerians. If he (were to be) sincere to Nigerians, I see no reason Boko Haram will have access to that place if the security of Nigeria was tight.

“This alone tells you there is serious negligence of security in our borders. I am so disappointed that Buhari does not know that his service chiefs have expired and I don’t know why he is still retaining them with more lives lost on daily basis.

“I don’t know what this service chiefs are doing and even with the whole equipment that has been purchased, like the aircraft which has been equipped and purchased for air surveillance officers. So, what are the air surveillance doings? Why should they not be constant in discharging their duty? If they were, with a 24-hour surveillance watch, they should have discovered this people called Boko Haram who have come to the farm to capture the farmers. Rather, you found out that what Nigeria is doing is cosmetic security and that is very unfortunate,” he said.

He dismissed the suggestion made by the governor of Borno state that President Buhari should toe ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s pattern in 2015 to hire foreign mercenaries to clear this Boko Haram. “That will be a shame of inefficiency of the security agencies”, Bishop Chukwuma said.

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