You are playing with people’s future and lives

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Everybody is governed. Whoever that is com­ing to govern must have come from the people who were being governed before. So, when someone comes to tell you that he is going to do this or that for you, call him to order. He should talk about bettering the system because if he betters the system, the sys­tem will favour the better­ment of your life. The envi­ronment controls 50 per cent of our activities. We eat from the environment. No matter how educated you are, if you come into a bad environment it must surely influence you because you interact with your environment. So, we have to look for people who are conscious of the envi­ronment. Who are conscious of the institutions. Who are conscious of even our own consciousness. I think it is high time we stopped the trend whereby someone comes from the moon and tells us fairy tales. We are not coming from the moon we are here. And we need someone who has been here with us; who knows what the system is all about. One that when we talk to him, he will understand what we are talking about. If you bring someone that speaks French and because he is learned, you expect him to commu­nicate with someone who does not understand French, how will the communication flow? So, we need people who when they come, they tell us the truth. How long will the lie last? Many of them have told us shame­less lies in broad day light.

There was a time I want­ed to run for local govern­ment chairman in my place. The first question people asked me was, “Who is be­hind you?” “Who is spon­soring you?” I was wonder­ing; must someone sponsor me? I know how to talk and what to do. I am talking to you to give me your vote. I am not talking to you after which I will dole out money to you. If I pack money and give you, where will I get it to pay back? People should ask themselves this ques­tion. If someone gives me 50 million or N100 million to run an election and I succeed, where will I get the money to pay him back if not from the money that belongs to the people? The money be­ing used to run elections is not the private money of the candidates but tax payers’ money.

In as much as govern­ment has functions towards the people, the people also have functions to perform towards the government. I put something at the central system as a citizen which should be used by the gov­ernment to provide for me what I would not be able to provide for myself like secu­rity, health care, etc. That is why we said that the gov­ernment’s function can be narrowed down to two; pro­tecting the people and pro­viding for the people. Every activity of the government is found in these two arms. The people on the other hand are to be law abiding, pay their taxes and perform their var­ious duties conscientiously.

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Money in politics

Until people understand the reason for politics and governance, they may not be able to contribute mean­ingfully towards the person who they believe has what it takes to govern them aright but may not have the means to go through the elector­al process. Look at what is happening in America, Brit­ain and other developed countries. I was talking about patriot centralism the other time. There are people who are captains of indus­tries who might have the money but they cannot be­come political leaders. All they have to do is to spon­sor the person they feel has what it takes freely. Not to trade with such person. If you are trading with such person, you are a criminal. In as much as money is import­ant as you need to print your posters and all what not, if you have leadership quali­ties and you do not have the money, still talk to the peo­ple and you would be able to convince them to support you run for the position.

If you do not have the leadership qualities and you have the money and be­cause you have the money, you delve into politics, you are just like an accident that is waiting to happen. There are people that are very good in financial manage­ment, they should go into financial issues and make name. There are people who are good at sports; let them go to sports and make name. There are people that are good at research; let them go into that and make name. Those who are good at lead­ership, should go there. These are the people that would look at the pains of others and want to partake of the pains. These are peo­ple who look to put things as they ought to be.

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Elites influencing govern­ment policies to their favour

We know that the people who have the money and can sponsor political can­didates usually make up a crop of people referred to as the big corporations or elites who also seek to influence the government policies in the favour of their organi­sation at the expense of the masses most times.

There are three sets of people in this game; those in positions of power, the captains of industries and the masses. Interest is play­ing from three angles. Those in power have the interest of holding onto the power; the captains of industries seek to ensure their busi­ness are protected for every government policy, while the masses are after ensur­ing that the cost of living is manageable. When I was saying that politics is a pro­fession, I meant that when one is sponsored into power, he would be there solely to play out a script as given to him by his sponsor or godfa­ther. The reason this cycle is maintained is because those in power and those with the economic might are always liaising to cover up the evils they do.

Any person that goes into governance and becomes rich overnight should be ar­rested. He should be probed because he should be on salary just like every other public servant. The scenario playing out now is that pov­erty is being injected into the system so that people will be so weak that whatever you give them, they are grateful and become your slaves. IT IS HIGH TIME PEOPLE UN­DERSTAND THIS; NOBODY IS BORN SO RICH OR SO POOR. What usually hap­pens is that people use oth­ers as ladder to get to where they are going to. In all, if we have the right person in power, nobody will be afraid of his business. The princi­ple of separation of power will hold sway and any­one can confidently drag the government to court if he perceives injustice. Ignorance is the devil we are talking about. Nobody has seen the devil moving about. It is what we do not know that is killing us. We are saying this so that peo­ple will know. Another four years is coming and if we don’t get it right, we will sink more. We need some­thing better in Anambra. People need to understand that until the right person is in power, things will never go right.

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