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Money politics is criminal

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There is a story about a community (loca­tion withheld) which was not consulted when the government want­ed to build a modern pipe borne water. The govern­ment did not consult them before building the pipe born water. They assumed the people must need a wa­ter source that is easy to ac­cess.

Strangely, on supervision, the government officials discovered that the people continued in their old prac­tice of sending their children to the natural well far away from the settlement.

On inquiry, after much re­luctance, one of the villagers summoned courage and ex­plained thus “We are a com­munity with little or no de­marcation between our room as couples and that of our children. As married cou­ples, we usually need time to ourselves and sending our children on long trips down to the stream where we ex­pect they would play with one another for a while be­fore coming back. This gives us the privacy we crave and your water in the middle of our square does us more dis­service than good.”

Morale of the story; Gov­ernment should be for the people, of the people and by the people. In other words, the people’s consent must be sought before embarking on any project. Never as­sume, verify.

Money politics is criminal

We ended the last time by saying that politics is not a profession. This implies that nobody is born to be playing politics, in the conventional sense, all through his life. You must have something doing. That is why when you are given a chance to serve in government, you are giv­en a specified period, usual­ly four years. What happens after that? What do you fall back on? It is because a lot of Nigerians have taken pol­itics to be a profession, that is why they create a system that makes them lions unto those who are coming up. They now become Godfa­thers to those who are com­ing up so that when they help them assume the po­sition, they would be paid huge sums of money every month. Where are they going to get the money from? That is why they would sponsor a candidate and in return the sponsored is expected to be packing obscene amounts of money from the state’s trea­sury to the sponsor. I have example of what is going on now. Some people in the house of assembly are like people that are in prison. They gather everything they have and send to the person that sponsored them. How can somebody put in mil­lions to sponsor some that is going for house of assem­bly to legislate. Where is the legislator going to get the money to refund from? This is because they see politics as a profession. What they do to survive. If they un­derstand that they do for a while and then go back to their business, they would allow a free and level play­ing ground for people who are capable to come and contest and exercise their God-given talent. Before, we used to have what we call patriot-centralism. These are people God has blessed with money but they don’t have leadership qualities, so they look for people who have these qualities to spon­sor so that these people can go and do what they are not capable of, for the good of the general populace. But what we see in Nigeria here is that people spon­sor politicians and expect they money they invested in the venture to yield inter­est for them. That is what is pushing many people with good intentions into steal­ing public funds in order to pay back. And when they fail to pay back, these god­fathers will start employing every means to fight such a person. So, it is high time we understand this about money politics. So, if any­body is selling his vote, he is selling his future. And it will be dangerous because you are not just selling your fu­ture but that of your children and your children’s children. The damages your careless act would incur will have a ripple effect which your chil­dren will be forced to seek to salvage. It is time we need to start having a rethink. We have to start from Anambra State here because we are the light of the nation. We need to show the people what the political system is all about; government

and people. Then we would have a better place to live. Why do those in the west­ern world hold their politi­cal office holders account­able? Because they have not sold their consciences. They know they have a stake. It would be crime against the conscience of your genera­tion to say you are collecting a particular amount of mon­ey so as to vote in an indi­vidual. I have said it earlier on; no matter how we try to pray to God, there are things God would not do for you. God will not do for you, what he has authorized you and given you power to do for yourself. God cannot come down to determine the price of cement or a bucket of gar­ri. The people that regulate these things are the govern­ment. If somebody that has no conscience goes there, things turn upside down. If somebody that has con­science goes there, someone who understands the sys­tem, the people will start to enjoy.

Politics is not a dirty game

Politics is not a dirty game but when dirty people play it, they make it dirty. When clean people play politics, they make it clean.

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