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Onitsha Bridge Head Market engages Anglican bishop to wage spiritual battle in market

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha

The Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese, Most Rev Ephraim O. Ikeakor, invoked Holy Ghost fire on spiritual forces allegedly operating at the Onitsha Bridge Head Market, during the monthly prayer session of the market last Wednesday.

“I know the God I serve and He will use fire to destroy the faulty alters in this Onitsha Bridge Head Market”, the cleric said.

In his sermon, he said, “We pray God to use fire against these alters and gods that have no eyes, ears or mouths. I am here on a mission and on an assignment. What you need here is faith, not anointing oil, handkerchief or water. No witch will stop your blessing when it comes”.

He told the congregation that “Your problem is that you serve Indian hemp, hot drink (ogogoro) among others, and say no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper”.

Telling them to turn a new leaf by believing in Jesus Christ as the only saviour of mankind, Bishop Ikeakor said that an Igbo man is naturally very enterprising.

“Igboman is not a lazy man where ever he may be. They are scattered all over the world. Anywhere you don’t see an Igboman, leave that place because, what it means is that there is no prosperity there.

“If you want an Igboman to be useless, don’t put pressure on him, but if you want him to be responsible or rich, put pressure on him. My homily today is that you should make peace with God and man. The highest a Jew will give you is Shalom, peace. If you allow God this Christmas period, to enter your heart, failure will not be your portion.”

On agitation for a Biafran State, he urged the Igbo not to be confrontational.

“Don’t use confrontation in the struggle for a Biafran nation. Government, on its part, should be doing God’s wish,” he advised.

In his remarks during the prayer meeting, the president of the market, Chief Sunday Obinze, (a.k.a. Ogwuego) commended the bishop for the ministrations, and pledged that traders in the market would always do the will of God in the market.

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