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IPOB warns ‘unknown gunmen,’ police, to stop attacking innocent members

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By Phil Okose Onitsha

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has cautioned those who call themselves ‘unknown armed men’ and police personnel and who, according to it, are “rampaging communities in Biafra land particularly those killing innocent people in Okporo and Umutanze Orlu Imo state”, to immediately stop “the ethnic cleansing” or brace up for mass resistance by the people.

Emma Powerful, the IPOB spokesman, handed down the warning yesterday even as he advised the Nigerian Police to stop arresting innocent people and parading them as ESN members.

He said that Nigeria police and army had failed in their duty by attacking innocent people stating, “since Nigeria abandoned their duty and focus on dishing false information to public we are out to expose them with their cover lies. Those you paraded to the public were not ESN members. Nigeria must stop ridiculing themselves in the world because everyone is watching their activities.”

“If this secret genocide is not halted, both the perpetrators and their sponsors will be dealt with in no distant future.
He went on the allege that “Today, the Nigeria army and police are killing our people, burning their houses and blaming their abominable actions on unknown gunmen. We therefore warn them to stop this madness or they will be testing the will of our gallant Eastern Security Network, ESN, operatives.”

He added that the attacks, allegedly by Nigeria Army and Police, on innocent Biafran citizens, under the guise of unknown armed men, must stop or the monsters will consume those that created them.

He went on that “IPOB will no longer allow the ongoing secret genocide against hapless Biafrans by the wicked Nigeria security agencies and their collaborators.”

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  1. Kingsley Ugwu says

    I am not IPOB or ESN, just an objective honest gentleman. I will say killings in d SE by UGM are neither by IPOB nor ESN, bcus d execution method employed by UGM is professional, certainly like what military men with many years of experience can do, including striking d security outfits unawares. Plus d incidence rate started to decline, and continuously declined ever since then, shortly bf4 the kidnapping of Kanu in Kenya occurred, a fact that in itself seriously betrays Abuja hand in UGM operations, bcus it shows a shift of concentration in d UGM operation.

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