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COSEYL condemns attack on Ejiofor’s home

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  • says South-East under siege 

Yolamchi Ukaga, Aba

Coalition of South-East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), a socio-political youth organisation has raised the alarm over the vicious attack on the country home of one Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor at Oraifite, in Ekwuzigo local government area of Anambra state, by a combined team of army, police and other security agencies.

COSEYL, condemned the assassination of Ejiofor’s personal assistant, by the security operatives which, according to the group, was a confirmation of a wicked plot to exterminate Ndigbo, whose only crime is that they are Christians. 

The group, in a statement signed by Chief Goodluck Ibem, its president general and Comrade Kanice Igwe, secretary general, observed that Ndigbo are now an endangered people, because they are Christians living in a country governed by a Moslem president who, according to them, is in full support of killing of all South Easterners so that his Fulani tribe, who are predominantly Moslem, can take over South East lands for their cattle rearing. 

“We can now confirm that the arms bought by the federal government from the United States of America is being used to assassinate Igbo Christians from the Southern part of the country. 

“The federal government is on the verge of assassinating all Christians in Nigeria most especially from the South East. 

“We put the international community on notice that the sole aim of arms importation by the federal government is to assist murderous Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram terrorists and other terrorist groups to exterminate the people of the South East, who are predominantly Christians.” 

The group noted that the murderous Fulani herdsmen were killing Igbos, through Benue and Ebonyi states flank, while the security agencies are killing Igbos from the Anambra and Imo state flank. 

They alleged that there were unreported daily killings of innocent Igbos by security agencies, noting that the South East was under serious siege by armed murderous Fulani terrorists and the Nigerian security forces. 

“The security agencies are working hand in hand with murderous Fulani herdsmen to exterminate Ndigbo. 

“If Barr. Ejiofor a renowned legal luminary who can defend himself in the court of law can be attacked in such a villainous manner by security agencies at midnight, one can imagine what the less privileged Igbos have been going through in the hands of the security agencies, who are paid with tax payers’ money to protect them. Nigeria is a failed state. We are in trouble. 

“What crime has Ejiofor committed to deserve such vicious attack on his family at such unholy hour. As a lawyer, he has right to defend whoever he so wishes in court. It is his inalienable right as a lawyer. Or is the federal government directly telling lawyers that they can only defend Boko Haram terrorists, ISIS, ISWAP and other terrorists groups from the north alone? 

They called on lawyers, professional and well-meaning individuals, to rise up and defend Nigeria’s democracy, which is presently comatose. 

“With what is happening in the country, it appears that our constitution has been suspended and martial law is now what the federal government is using to administer the nation,” COSEYL stated.

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