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No increment in Anambra traders’ normal tax – Govt insists

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Lawrence Nwimo

Anambra State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry Dr Obinna Ngonadi has made it clear that State Government has not made any form of increment to the normal tax rates paid by traders annually.

The clarification was made against the backdrop of information-making rounds that the State government has multiplied taxation for traders in all markets.

In a communique issued and signed for public announcement on Thursday 14th July, the Commissioner disclosed that traders in government-owned markets pay N12,200 while those in privately owned markets pay #7,400 normal annual payments.

In the breakdown of revenue collections by government-owned markets, Stallage fees – N4,800, Development levy -N 2000, Sanitation levy – N2400, Traders tax N3000, totalling N12,200.

Other privately owned markets are expected to pay: Development levy – N2000, Sanitation levy – N2400, Traders tax – N3000, Totalling 7400.

The Commissioner explained that the N2000 that is collected from each trader is for biometric market enumeration and registration which covers the trader’s tax identification card (N1300), and a sticker (N700) for each shop.

He said the one-off payment for both the sticker and identification card enables tax enforcers to digitally ascertain the payment status of each trader by simply scanning its code with a device.

It is to enable the government to keep track of defaulters without resorting to crude options.

The Commissioner, therefore, encouraged Ndi Anambra to continue to be law-abiding and to disregard the fake news and information peddled around by mischief makers and enemies of our dear state.

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