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Nimo Town Union Suspends 3 Officers Over Alleged Attack On Traditional Ruler

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By Mokwugwo Solomon, Awka

Nimo Town Development Union (NTDU), formerly known as Nimo Brotherhood Society (NBS), on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, suspended three officers over alleged verbal attack on the traditional ruler of the community, HRH Igwe Maxi Ike Oliobi.

The three officers include Hon. Tony Aniedobe, 1st National Vice President; Dr. Valentine Iyke Oliobi, 2nd National Vice President; and Mr. Uche Akpuoye, 3rd National Vice President.

The trio were accused of verbally attacking the traditional ruler continually in the town’s WhatsApp platform; thereby, causing tension and disharmony, and inciting the townspeople against their monarch.

They were suspended during a meeting of Nimo General Assembly, where the community also elected Mr. Patrick Egbekpalu to fill the position of Secretary General, which was declared vacant.

Present at the deliberation were the traditional ruler of the town; Igwe Oliobi; the Traditional Prime Minister, members of the royal cabinet, among others.

President General of the community, Ekene Okafor Omabu, who read out the decision of the General Assembly after an extensive deliberation, said that the trio would remain suspended until the allegations levelled against them were fully investigated.

He said that if at the end of the day they were not found guilty, they would be called back to their positions; but if they were found guilty, the community would sanction them as necessary.

He contended that the suspension became necessary so that they would not influence the outcome of the investigation if they remained in office.

In a swift reaction, the 2nd National Vice President of the NTDU, Dr. Oliobi, said that he because a target in the community because he contested Igweship election against the reigning monarch; and had continued to say the truth against the “evil forces,” that held the community down over the years.

While denying all the allegations levelled against them, Dr. Oliobi insisted that the persons suspended from the town union executive were persons who say the truth.

He said that the town had been held down by land grabbers, those trampling on the rights of others in the community, and those who use their offices to grab and sell community lands, and refused to account for it. He said that their suspension was a planned deal to ensure that the three officers were out, so that they continue their corrupt practices.

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