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Catholic priest condemns renewed interest in Idolatry

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By O’star Eze

The parish priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia, Fr. Onwuatuegwu has attributed ignorance of the message of the cross among Christians as the reason for the recent renewed interest in idolatry, especially among young people.

Speaking during the Good Friday mass, Fr Onwuatuegwu said that Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross stark naked symbolising that he belongs to no culture and as well transcends all cultures adding that the totality of what various cultures practice as religion has been fulfilled in Jesus.

Giving instance with the sacrifice conducted at the middle of a crossroad among African Traditional Religion practitioners which is the highest form of sacrifice, Fr. Onwutuegwu said that Jesus giving himself up on the cross can be likened to sacrifice on the crossroad and shedding his own blood is therefore the highest form of sacrifice one can perform.

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He explained that kissing of the cross which marks the climax of the Good Friday service symbolises that the Christian has denied the world and has accepted the cross of Christ.

The parish priest enjoined catholics to learn to stop going after other gods and religious practices and start appreciating the rich doctrine of the church which attends to every existential problem of man. He then said that the day is called Good Friday because even though it was the day that Jesus was falsely accused and crucified, it was also the day Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind, especially those who believe.

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Speaking further, the priest said that the Catholic Church does not just hold a memorial of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but actually “re-enacts the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ,” with the priest representing Jesus Christ.

The priest who recently conducted the cleansing ceremony of the siblings that married themselves in the town, frowned at how those who call themselves believers were kicking against him performing the rite and demanding Nri dwarves be summoned. He therefore called on all Christians to avail the Easter season to meditate on what great treasure they have in the gospel and the Catholic Church and desist from being swayed by practices that have little or no value.

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