Abia govt pledges support for security agencies in tackling crimes

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By Yolamchi Ukaga, Aba

Abia State governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, has said that his administration is committed to the fight against violent crimes and will do all it can to support security agencies to rid the state of criminals.

Ikpeazu made this assertion at a one-day security summit organised by Umuaba in Valencia, Spain, a branch of Umuaba Worldwide, a social group that brings together all creative, industrious and vibrant personalities, who grew up in Aba.

Represented at the event by Paddy Anyatonwu, director general, Abia State Mobilisation Agency, Ikpeazu explained that his administration is doing everything possible to create more jobs for Abia people, noting that a busy mind would not have time to plan and execute crime.

“If we had love, crime would reduce. This government is doing so much to reduce hunger. The Enyimba Economic City (EEC) is a project that can give 600,000 jobs. The government established the Ministry of Homeland Security to place greater priority on security.

“Let’s love each other. We must avoid undue competition. Parents should stop imposing courses or professions on their children. Such imposition puts pressure on children and can force them to join bad gangs.

“That you’re a lawyer doesn’t mean your child will be. This unwholesome competition has increased the rate of suicide. If you love yourselves and love your neighbours, you’ll not inflict pain on them”, he stated.

Hon. Chima Anyaso, vice president, Umuaba Worldwide, called on the wealthy to always use their wealth to fill some gaps in the society, instead of using money to intimidate those who do not have. “Security is something that everybody needs. Without security, we can’t be here. Yes, we can’t do away with crime, but we can reduce it.

“We must be our brothers’ keeper and avoid unnecessary competition. When I went home, I saw little children in my community loitering about every morning.  I noticed there was no nursery school where they can be taken care of. So, I have to fill that gap and built a nursery school, where they attend free.

“I have found out that good education is the simplest way to fight crime. For us to change Aba, we have to start by changing our little ones.

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“We may have lost it, but we must secure our younger ones to restore this town. When God blesses us, we must bless our brothers, not intimidate them. The future of Aba is in our little ones.”

A security expert, and the Senior Special Assistant to Abia State Governor on Homeland Security, Mr. Chigozie Ubani, called for the inculcation of security curriculum. He observed that education alone cannot stop crime, as educated people also commit crime, stressing that education only changes the kind of crime they can commit.

“For us to gain a secured society, we must inculcate security curriculum. Police is not security. Security is information, while police is just law enforcement agency that works with the information available.

“Citizens need to participate in police and policing. Homeland security office is here to complement the efforts of the law enforcement agency, especially the police.”

As a result of the ceaseless incidents of kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism and other violent crimes in Aba, residents of the city organised a security summit in a bid to have a blueprint to combat myriad of security challenges faced by residents of the commercial city.

Security agencies in Aba, including army, police, DSS, the Nigerian Legion, and civil society groups and the Abia State Ministry of Homeland Security participated in the summit with the theme: “Making Aba Safe for Investors and Investments”.

The aim of the summit, according to the organisers, was to rebrand Aba, to meet her old glory, refine the security architecture of the city, reshape the mindset of the younger ones and remind everyone that security is a partnership between citizens and security agencies.

Prince Kelvin Iroegbu, president, Umuaba in Valencia-Spain, said, “Aba, the Enyimba City, holds historical peculiarity, which distinguishes it as a unique city in Nigeria. “It is blessed with great men and women with diverse cultural values. It is the commercial hub of Eastern Nigeria, with great industries. Aba is also blessed with abundant human and material resources, which have contributed immensely to the GDP of Nigeria.

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“However, over the last decades, the city has been bedeviled with lingering security issues, which has not only affected lives, but also businesses. It is common knowledge that no city or people can have a meaningful growth and development in an atmosphere devoid of security.

“We have witnessed and occasionally read news of kidnappings, robberies and assassinations. It is due to this disturbing development that, Umuaba Worldwide, a collection of people, who were born in Aba, who lived in Aba and now scattered around the globe, decided to make an impact to support the efforts of the Abia State government on security”.

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