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Ukraine will win the ongoing war against Russia – Primate Ayodele

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By Collins Nkwocha

The prophetic world is very vast with different prophets across the globe claiming to be number one. I’m a fervent Christian who doesn’t believe so much in prophecies, though it is important in the body of Christ because it is meant to fulfil the end-time mandate.

One prophet whose consistency has managed to magnetise my attention is Primate Babatunde Ayodele of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos.

Though I view him as a noisemaker who makes predictions rather than prophecies, I see him as a political prophet instead who wants to fascinate attention at all costs.
In the quest to find out more about this man, I was prompted to make investigations concerning him, this made me embark on a secret visit to his church without revealing my identity to anyone in his church, I deliberately refused to meet with him because I came to find out the truth about him.

I pretended like a novice and asked questions about him from his members and the people in his estate, after thorough findings and investigations, I discovered that he has made salient prophecies that no prophet in Nigeria or Africa has made, I discovered that his prophecies are unique and precise, the most captivating thing that melted my heart was that he had he had prophesied the coming of corona virus pandemic ten years before the pandemic came ravaging, the most thrilling thing about it is that it was boldly written in his book of prophecies “warnings to the nations”, he prophesied the Victory of Chelsea in last year’s champions league, but enunciated that Chelsea will not repeat what they achieved last year in this year’s champions league, he prophesied that the second term of APC will bring more hardship to Nigerians, he promised that Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City will go very far in the Champions league and said that if “care is not taken, two English teams will meet”, he prophesied the coup in Burkina Faso, Mali and the death of Chad president, the death of Oshinowo a member of Lagos state House of Assembly, he prophesied that Malami will go into politics, I’m sure many must have doubted this, the train attack between Abuja and Kaduna, the problem between Tinubu and Aregbeshola, he had prophesied two years ago that Tinubu will be betrayed by his own people. These are just a few of his fulfilled prophecies, it’s very explicit that he has become an Oracle that requires consultation in the area of prophecy.

It is important to know that he earned his position as the leading prophet with some stunning and incredible prophecies that happened surprisingly, the death of Kudirat Abiola, the Victory of Nigeria in Tunisia in 1994, the death of Nnamdi Azikiwe and others. His church combines the attributes of both a Pentecostal and a white garment church because his first two services which run from 4:30 am to 10 am are meant for Igbo and English speaking people and they don’t wear the white garment, it is the last service that is meant for the Yoruba speaking people that puts on a white garment; he is about starting his French and English service to round it off as he prepares to build his 25,000 thousand seaters. He is a great philanthropist who feeds and takes care of the widows and the vulnerable in the society, he built free houses for the widows and gives them foodstuffs, clothes and cash every month. He uses the money that comes to the church to cater for the indigents.

Primate Ayodele has dropped a Bombshell that will shock America, the UK, France China, the UN and NATO, he confidently prophesied that Ukraine will win the war against Russia and that Putin will suffer the consequences of what he has done. This is stunning and mind-blowing, it sounds bizarre and also impossible to the world at large, but coming from a prophet of this magnitude, about the best and number one in the world, Ukraine can smile because there is light at the end of the tunnel because Primate Ayodele is a prophetic commander of the highest spiritual realm.

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