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Salvation Doesn’t liberate You from the powers of your father’s house, don’t be deceived – pastor Sam Adekoya

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By Collins Nkwocha

A lot of Christians have argued that Salvation sets one free from foundational powers, ancestral powers, curses and others, they have argued that as the Bible says that one is “a new creature” if one embraces Christ, thus issues of the past are gone.

Pastor Sam Adekoya, the rector of Pentecost Truth School of Deliverance and the founder of Pentecost Truth Ministries, Lagos does not subscribe to this, as one of the best deliverance ministers in Nigeria who has fought spiritual battles both in Nigeria and beyond, he said that being born does not set you free from the powers of your foundation.

Spoke to Orient Daily as he held a programme “SHUTTING EVIL DOORS” at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, Nigeria.

He said, “there’s this erroneous believe that Salvation sets you free from everything, it is not true, Salvation only qualifies you for heaven, it stops you from going to hell, but you have to deal with those powers separately or else, you are still under their influence and manipulation, take a look at Lazarus, when Jesus Christ called him according to John 11, he was bound with grave clothes and napkins around him, Lazarus signifies a man that is dead, most of us are dead in sin, anyone that responds to Salvation call is like coming from dead to life but you still have to remove the spiritual grave clothe of foundation powers, evil dedications, evil patterns and so on”.

Finally, the cleric enunciated that “SHUTTING EVIL DOORS” had divine leading “God specifically demanded we hold this programme to shut evil doors and open the doors of blessings in the second quarter of the year because he has given us the key and we have the power to use it to our boon”.

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