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Prophetic church is a blessing to the end-time ministry – Pastor Schugger

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By Collins Nkwocha

Prophetic churches are prevalent these days. The advent of prophetic churches has generated both positive and negative opinions about the body of Christ.

The founder of Grace Revolution International Ministry Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu (PhD)has enunciated that the advent of prophetic churches is a blessing to the end-time ministry.

Speaking to Orient Daily at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the cleric maintained that God has been using prophetic churches to solve delicate and sensitive spiritual issues and it has been a great blessing to the end-time ministry, he said.

“The prophetic church is a huge blessing to the end time ministry, a lot of lives would have been lost, if not for the prophetic churches that God is using to reveal secret and hidden things”

He added that God brought the prophetic churches because he knew that there would be a need for them in these dangerous and perilous days, he said: “God knows the end from the beginning, he knows that the prophetic church will be so relevant and indispensable these days.

“We need to thank him because a lot of dangers and souls have been rescued through it”.

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