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Dangerous prophecies of primate Ayodele

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By Collins Nkwocha

The prophetic grace is very essential in these last days, one prophet that has distinguished himself is primate Elijah Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos.

One stunning thing about him is that he gives some dangerous and unimaginable prophecies not taking into consideration the risk attached to the prophecies.

You can imagine that he prophesied that the late Sani Abacha would die while he was still alive; you can imagine the risk associated with such a prophecy while the late tyrant and ruthless dictator who does not have value for human lives was still alive.

The prophecy of the assassination of the late Kudirat Abiola was another dangerous one. It is one that would have made people call him a fake prophet who doesn’t see or hear from God. The entire nation was shocked when Kudirat Abiola was murdered .

When primate Ayodele prophesied and told the world to pray against the assassination of a former powerful prime minister,nobody could have envisaged that it could be in Japan,judging from the fact that Japan is not notorious for such gruesome murder.
Japan is regarded as one of the safest nations of the world with some of the strictest gun control laws in the world,it is not like a country like, El Salvador, Bahamas, Mexico, jamaica, Belize, Lesotho, South Africa or even Nigeria that has high rate of murder. It was indeed a shock to the entire world when Shinzo Abe was

Lastly, the victory of Argentina in the world cup was an another amazing and dangerous prophecy by Primate Ayodele judging from the fact that France has better players than Argentina, besides Lionel Messi and probably Angel Di Maria, had it not happened, the entire world would have termed him a fake prophet.

I actually chose to make mention of just few of the prophecies.It is important to acknowledge those that God has blessed and given rare grace and anointing, primate Elijah Ayodele is obviously one of the greatest prophets of our time.

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