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Clerics with Amazing gift for family liberation and deliverance

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By Collins Nkwocha

We are in the end time, a period of lies and utmost from the men who got their anointing from the pit of hell; masquerading themselves as genuine servants of God using their marine, occult and magical powers to Hoodwink and delude the people.

Family liberation is very important in this part of the world because of the connections of our fathers with evil deities and demonic forces; getting a genuine servant of God has become a great problem these days because of magicians who parade themselves as servants of God. In the book of Mark 11vs, 2 our Lord Jesus Christ said “And saith unto them, Go your way into the village over against you:and as soon as ye be entered into it, ye shall find a colt tied, whereon never man sat; loose him, and bring him. A lot of destinies are in captivity and bandages, real men of God are needed to enable them to enter into their realm of glory and fulfil their destinies.

These are some genuine servants of God that can conduct genuine family liberation for you with the power of the Almighty God.


God gave this man exceptional power and mandate. He is indisputable the best in the world in this field, he has a special assignment and mandate; his ministry is not based on the acquisition of wealth or merchandising of the gospel. He has a genuine mandate to deliver people from all kinds of satanic and demonic bondages, demons dread him because he is very direct and precise with his prayer points, if you are fortunate to have him for your family’s liberation, rejoice because that problem is over. He is the founder of the mountain of Fire And miracles ministries.


He is one of the end-time Army of our Lord Jesus Christ in these last days. He is one of the few servants of God that can give you Holy Spirit aided family liberation and deliverance, God gave him an awesome power gift, demons tremble whenever he mentions the name of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of Dunamis International Gospel centre.


He is the founder of Pentecost Truth Ministries and the rector of Pentecost Truth School of Deliverance. He deals with demons and engages in practical deliverance on daily basis. He is into spiritual mapping and territorial deliverance all over the world, he had conquered territorial demons in jebba, Bida (Niger state ), Idah in Kogi state, and Maua in Kenya, just to mention a few. He is the author of VICTORY OVER SPIRIT HUSBANDS AND WIVES, BREAKING THE YOKE OF ANCESTRAL CURSE, EXPOSITION ON ANCESTRAL SPIRITS and lots more. You can locate him at 28 Ojo -Ola street, Beside Globus Supermarket, Iyana -Ejigbo bus stop, Ejigbo, Lagos. Pastor Adekoya has what it takes to deliver you and your family from any yoke that had barricaded and made you a pitiable person. You can always connect with him through his name on Facebook.

He is the founder of Bible Faith Deliverance City church which is located at 9 Shuiabu street, maza maza bus stop, Lagos. God has been using Bishop Eze tremendously in the area of deliverance, he is one of God’s generals that can offer you genuine family liberation and deliverance because he is a man of prayer, he believes so much in the power of prayer to unlock all closed doors and break yokes and bandages. It doesn’t matter how many people servants of God you have taken home for family liberation, God will settle your case through him if you contact him or connect with him through Facebook through his name.


This Apostle of God is very brutal and ferocious when dealing with demons, God has a special function to get results with little prayer, if you are tired of being deluded by people that call themselves servants of God in the name of family liberation, please reach out to him through his name on Facebook or you visit him at 32 Taiwo Street off Ecobank, Orillowo Ejigbo, Lagos, he is the founder of God’s Warrior Rhema Assembly. God gave him a special mandate to deliver your family and break that evil pot in your father’s house.


This cleric is very destructive in the spiritual realm, he is very known in the Eastern part of Nigeria because has championed several family liberation and deliverance programmes. He has a special and unique family liberation method that guarantees results. He is the founder of Kingdom Power Church, you can locate him at K2 1/2 Aba -Port -Harcourt Express way Abayi, Aba summit street, Osisioma or you can connect with him through his name on Facebook.


He is the founder of the ULG team and the president of the ULG Bible institute. Family liberation and deliverance is one of his major areas of calling as he has a strong and vibrant team that executes this assignment and they are all “MEN OF FIRE “.God has used him to liberate and destroy a lot of shrines and deities in different villages and communities in Nigeria. Have you called a lot of pastors, Prophets and deliverance ministers, yet, none seems to have the solution to your predicament, reach out to Evangelist Otene because God will settle your case through him. You can connect with him by searching for him on Facebook and God will use him to end your sorrow.

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